As the rest of the world prepares to celebrate the coming of the new year, the city of Conyers will celebrate one man who has served the city for 28 years. Starting in January, Mayor Randy Mills, a 41-year resident of the city of Conyers, will step out of office and Mayor Vince Evans will step in and take the reins. Mayor Mills served on the city council for 8 years and then stepped in as mayor and served for 20 years. As incoming Mayor Vince Evans said, “He brought the class and dignity into that position as Mayor, as well as the dedication of 20 years…” Mayor Randy Mills has certainly changed the city of Conyers for the better as a result of his hard work. However, Mayor Mills refuses to take the credit for all he has accomplished. He states, “… it is not what I have accomplished, it is what WE have accomplished in the last twenty years.”

So what has this prominent man accomplished, alongside his community, in his 20 years as Mayor? Mayor Evans is very thankful for Mayor Mills’ accomplishments and says, we would not have enough time to go over all of his hard works, “…but there have been many.” Yes, it is very obvious from talking with Mayor Randy Mills in an interview, that he is focused on community. Mayor Mills states, “…one major achievement has been the city and county school board and it’s elective leadership and the Chamber of Commerce working together for the common good of this community.”

Mayor Mills calls Mayor Evans one of his best friends and what better person to hand off the baton to than your best friend? Mayor Mills wants to bless Mayor Evans and states that, “…it only seems natural that he is the right person at the right time to lead this council and this community.” He also says that he has confidence in Mayor Vince’s abilities. The respect Mills has for Evans is apparent in they way he speaks of his friend. He has faith that his experience in a professional and governmental career will provide him with a firm foundation in his role as mayor.

In closing, Mayor Mills wants to give Mayor Evans some advice as he takes on his role as mayor. He encourages him to have his council work as a team with his primary role as being the captain of the team. He says, “…have everyone check their ego at the door.” He encourages Evans to do the work of the people. Mayor Mills would like the public to know that it has been an honor and a privilege to serve in an elective capacity for 28 years. He says, “…It has been one of the most humbling experiences that I will always cherish.” Thank you Mayor Randy Mills for your service to the city of Conyers.

As for Mayor Evans, he has big plans for the city of Conyers in the year of 2018. In an interview, he talked about his plans for the future of our city which includes finishing up the road project behind the library by adding bike paths and walking trails, the Salem-Gate do-over and finishing up the Eastmore development. Mayor Evans has big plans for improving Conyers. He has 4 visionary goals for his term as mayor. His aspirations include working more towards a kind and caring community, a safe community, a clean community and a community where people are engaged and involved.

Evans is excited about reviving Olde Town Conyers now that the filming of the Originals is coming to a close. The film crews will come in, in the next few months and help get the landscaping and buildings back, as they were before filming began. Mayor Evans says, “We’re not just going to put it back together like it was. We’re going to take a step back and look for other opportunities for more landscaping and other opportunities to make it even better.” We will see new life coming in the spring time in Conyers. There are many new restaurants that will help contribute to bringing Olde Town Conyers back to life, such as Tin Plate Restaurant and Iron Skillet will be opening up soon as well. 

Mayor Evans says, “We are looking into bringing the fireworks for the 4th of July back to Olde Town Conyers in the future.” The 4th of July fireworks is something that every downtown area does to bring families together to celebrate. Olde Town used to have their own fireworks and it might be time to bring that back.

Crime is another issue which Mayor Evans talked about. He says he is going to continue to figure out how we can attack crime. He says that after talking to the police chiefs, he has learned that crimes are being committed by people coming into our community from other counties. He wants to work hard to fight crime.

Evans would like to ask the people in Conyers to, “…get involved. Try to find a way that you can be a part of the community so you can feel good about it. Be helpful when the time comes. Don’t just live here and go to work and go back home, be a part of it. Embrace it. Enjoy it.” He also asked that people be aware of things that need to be fixed. Find out what you can do to fix it and who you need to call. Be engaged and be involved. Thank you Mayor Evans for your commitment to this city and we, as a community are looking forward to this next season of growth.