Oftentimes, when we think of romantic moments and love, visions of fine dinners lit by candlelight come to mind. For others, it may be voyaging to exotic places. No matter which romantic fantasy plays in your head, we can agree that these are typical dreams with the person you’ve decided to spend the rest of your life with. We love to imagine our lives far into the future, well beyond the nervous feelings, and awkward first encounters with that person who someday will become our prince charming. However, just like any great fairy tale, your story of love and romance must have a beginning. These first encounters are usually not set at these candlelit dinners or exotic places. They often take place in a much more humble environment surrounded by things of our everyday life such as coffee. More relationships have begun with a conversation between two people, sitting on the couch, in the corner of their local coffee shop than another place on earth! Sorry, eHarmony…

When we’re meeting someone new, especially with the potential of a relationship, we want the environment to be as familiar as possible. Coffee can often be that familiar thing to ease those butterflies. I can’t think of a more suitable example than the night I met my wife Sarah. Five years ago we were brought together by a mutual friend. We met at the friend’s house for coffee,
naturally. As the night progressed, it was our coffee cups that kept the conversation going. As our cups would steadily empty, we would work our way back to the coffee pot to refill. Each time using the brief minute of seclusion in the kitchen away from our friends as a chance to deepen the conversation. Our love of coffee and the environment it created is what laid the strong
foundation for our blossoming relationship. Even to this day, coffee is a focal point of our time together. Most of our dates still consist of a stop by a coffee shop to wrap up an evening or warming up to a freshly brewed cup on the early morning of a camping trip. Although when we fantasize about romance and lasting love we imagine extravagance and opulence, we should not forget that those relationships all started somewhere, and more than likely it started over a cup of coffee.

Alec Smith
Captain of the Internship
AWAKE Coffee Community