Local Outreach, Relationships, and Community.

That is the heart of what we do at AWAKE. We work towards showing love in practical ways. Being in Olde Town, we have the privilege of getting to know our community and all the different people who make it up, on a personal level. Whether it’s a judge from across the street at the courthouse or the man who lives under a nearby bridge and walks to his job daily at Goodwill, we try to make everyone feel welcomed and valued.

As the local Outreach coordinator, my team and I usually work with those who are displaced and in need of assistance. The needs may range from a warm meal and hot cup of coffee to resources for housing assistance. We try and connect everyone in need with a community partner who may be able to assist them. We routinely team up with organizations like Rockdale Emergency Relief, Conyers First United Methodist Church, Refuge Pregnancy Center and Partnership for Community Action among others to find assistance that may help move them out of the place of need into a productive life. We do this by building relationships with them which fosters trust. Sometimes we have been able to reconnect them with family which has helped them get off the streets.

We accept donations for project Re-Home at AWAKE which funds everything from “comfort bags” (bags with necessity items and toiletries) to temporary housing assistance. We believe that a hand up and caring heart is changing lives for the better. We hope you will partner with us.

Toni Kelecheck

Local Outreach Project Manager

AWAKE Coffee Community