Full-time or Part-time Agent

There will always be debates about hiring a full-time real estate agent or one who works part-time. While there may be some significant reasons you want to hire a part-time agent think about some of the following questions that really come down to just a few key issues, which I will summarize:

  1. Today’s real estate market is truly a 24/7 business. Even agents working full-time struggle with the time pressures. If your agent is occupied with other income-generating work, you will miss offer opportunities when they are unable to respond to a call from another agent. And most agents are not pleased when they are trying to make an offer or accept an offer on their client’s behalf and the other agent is not responsive or slow to return calls.
  2. Part-timers often lack important market knowledge. It’s not hard to see how this can be disastrous when pricing a house for sale or bidding for a contract to purchase.
  3. Connections are incredibly important in real estate transactions. Oftentimes, part-time agents are lacking those ties to those who can best help when it’s needed. A REALTOR® has likely built strong and numerous connections to local contractors, lenders, other realtors along with many people in the service industries that are out there working every day for people just like you. It’s tough to find a lender who can save you money, a quality painter, or other service professionals who you know will do a great job. As your REALTOR®, I have many such people in my network.
  4. A professional REALTOR® is a member of a board which will hold its members accountable for their work actions.
  5. A home real estate transaction is usually the largest financial deal that people make. Having the knowledge and capability of a full-time professional in your corner may just be common sense.

When you take all factors into consideration, it boils down to trust, dedication, knowledge and work ethic. Can you find all these in a part-time agent? Sure, you can . . . but how far and wide must you search? Wouldn’t it make more sense to hire a REALTOR® who has a proven track record and significant market expertise?

If you believe that it’s best to connect with someone who knows the market, has the right connections and is a member of a real estate board, whether you are a Baby Boomer, senior or a family member trying to figure it all out, call us at (404) 630-2985. You can put your trust in the certified SRES® (Seniors Real Estate Services) professionals at Deon Cannon Realty – we’re here to serve your real estate needs. Call us today and we’ll begin working with you right now to develop a strong and sensible plan to sell your home or find the one that’s absolutely perfect for you.

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