When you love someone, it’s the big and the little things that make it last. Whether you are unclogging the toilet, earning money for the mortgage, washing the dishes and dirty clothes, listening to their day, their challenges or managing investments for a long-term payoff, to name a few. These are some of the ways to say ‘I love you’ in a practical way. Loving someone is about keeping their best interests in mind. Love chases away fear. Love does everything it can to protect and preserve.

“Love looks like something” is a quote from Heidi Baker, a pioneer in humanitarian work among some of the poorest in the world in Mozambique, India and many other nations, according to www.irisglobal.org. Her books have greatly impacted me to the point that I wanted to see love in action. I decided to travel to a couple of their locations. We can easily see that helping those in need with clean water, education, homes for orphans and more is a picture of love. Can we take that further and make sure that our own children have a home and the mortgage is paid off when we die through a life insurance policy? Can we make sure that our grandchildren have money for college and that those we love most are protected and their way of life is preserved? How about the church and missionaries you support? Would you consider getting a life insurance policy that would go to them once you die?

As I write this, I think of a sort of ‘love note’ that a family received in a form that had their best interest in mind. The wife and grown children received the news that they became the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, on the day that their dad died. All three of them had money for the funeral. They had money to buy a new house and boost their business. Yes, the wife lost her love but he had an ‘insurable interest’ in making certain that his wife and his kids were provided for once he was gone. She also has an expression of love for her kids in that she has a policy that has ‘Living Benefits.’ Assisted living or critical care will be paid for from her policy if she gets diagnosed with an accelerated or critical illness before she dies.

Invest in love because the love letter that life insurance sends comes with a check in it. In this season of chocolates, roses, dinner out and ‘be mine’ expressions let us each strengthen the perspective that we don’t know how or when the love letter will end. Let us be certain that we now have the responsibility to review the amount of life insurance we have in place. Will we be wise in this area of life? Will you call a professional and let them help you write a new type of love letter this month.

Andrew Jernigan

Financial Strategist



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