I am using this little space in this friendly little newspaper to try and do something that hopefully will have a not-so-little impact. A community is not only made great by natural beauty, proximity to desirable areas and existing capital base. A community is made enjoyable by the people who live there. It is how they approach their daily lives. Do they know and love their neighbors, despite the flaws? Do they enjoy and take in the surrounding beauty on a pretty day or even a gloomy one? Are they involved with organizations that provide support to the community’s needs? How do they care for the property under their domain as well as the shared public spaces?

So I am using this platform to launch a campaign for the BEST Conyers. If you read this and are interested in wholeheartedly embarking on a fun and easy social experiment then I’d like to direct you to join a Facebook group page called, “3 Little Things for Conyers Residents.” Now, what are these three little things, you might be wondering? The first is the easiest, and again I reiterate that they are all going to be easy. They will be things that will not make you go out of your way. The first little thing is to SMILE AND WAVE when you see someone around town. When you see others out and about, smile and wave. Every. Time. It’s that simple. It will take a bit of goofiness and awkwardness at first. You might surprise others. You might get no reciprocation. But if you join in this 3 Little Things movement, you are pledging to at least try your best. If we do the things that great communities do, then we will be a great community.

Let’s make Conyers the most ridiculously nice place to live, visit, or pass through. It starts with a smile and a wave! If anyone has any questions, they can post them in the Facebook group. I will be unveiling the rest of the 3 Little Things in the following 2 The Metro Times editions. I look forward to the positive things that we can do together to make this a better place for everyone to live!

Clark Carmichael

Tin Plate Restaurant