4 bold predictions for Week 8 vs Seahawks


The 49-year-old pilots of 4 or 3 aircraft from San Francisco will participate in week 8 in the 5:1 Seattle Sychaux race at the mandatory NFC show in the West.

After the Dolphins were shocked by the 43:19 final in Miami in week 5, 49 contestants achieved two solid victories over the Los Angeles Rams and the Patriots of New England.

Meanwhile, the Seahawks have suffered their first loss in the seventh round. Seasonal tour against the Arizona Cardinals. The game was extended and Seattle lost by three points. Star quarterback Russell Wilson threw three interceptions in this league, causing the Cardinals to piss off the Seahawks at home.

Now that the 49ers Yeahawks are almost there, let’s take a look at four bold predictions for the competition from a San Francisco perspective.

1. Jimmy Garoppolo throws a touchdown, two interceptions.

In five games this season, the 49th player has thrown the ball. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo had 1,012 yards and seven touchdowns and scored 66.9% of his passes. However, the shooter has four interceptions and lets Patriots play by throwing two shots and not touching the ball.

In three career games against Sichawkes Garoppolo – 1:2. Although he scored two touchdowns against an Interception, the former Patriots’ flagman didn’t make it easy for Pete Carroll’s defense.

At the same time, we have Garoppolo, who’s in grade 8. This week there’s a touchdown and two interceptions against the Seahawks. The Seattle defense will take off after losing to Cylar Murray and the Cardinals in week 7, a game that the Seahawks probably should have won because they had an advantage in most rules.

Haroppolo’s still having trouble with a sprained ankle. If Sichawkes’ line of defense can put pressure on Jimmy G, the starting QB of 49 players is likely to give some bad passes and read badly.

2. George Kittle has at least six strokes and scores a touchdown.

George Kittle, one of the top players in the NFL, has made 35 games at 435 yards and two touchdowns this season. For 49 players to have a chance to beat the Six Hawks on the street, Kittle must play a monster in midfield.

In five career games against Seattle, Kittle scored 19 goals for 234 yards. However, he has no touchdowns, so watch out for a 27-year-old who is very motivated to score a TD in the eighth round, as it’s an important game for the 49 players who finish last in the Western NFC Division.

We have Kittle, who scored at least six goals from Garoppolo and for the first time in the end zone against the Seahawks. But it won’t be easy, as the Shihoukas generally play well with the 49th, despite their current defensive struggle.

3. The 49ers score more than 20 points

Currently, 49 players only allow 19.4 points per game, which is good for the fifth place of the NFL. However, they will have to face the competition’s number one offensive force, with the Seahawks averaging 33.8 points in the championship and Wilson in the lead.

Look for the 49-year-olds struggling to arrest Wilson, D.C. Metcalfe, Tyler Lokett and Greg Olsen. Metcalfe is a nightmare to compare because he is built like Superman, while Lokette is one of the best deep threats in the NFL and has an extraordinary chemistry with Wilson.

After three hits on the cardinals, you know Wilson wants to pay for his guilt. The Super Bowl champion is as tough as his rival NFL and after three rounds against Arizona he will be looking for 49 players.

Seek the protection of all 49 players in this NFC West game to score more than 20 points, as the Sichawkes’ offense just isn’t working right now.

4. 49 people lose to the Seahawks and fall to 4-4.

The Seahawks have a better offense than the 49ers and Wilson and his teammates are expected to reach all-time highs when the Cardinals game ends in week 7.

Since Garoppolo has not been very good this season due to an ankle injury, you are looking for 49 players who lose that game and fall back to 4-4 this season. The Loser Super Bowl always seems to fight it out next season, and we can see that with 49 players in 2020, even if their current winning streak remains in two games until the eighth round.

Wilson 12-4 against 49 in his career. For some reason, the Niners cannot understand the six-time professional player currently playing at MVP level, even though he doesn’t play in game seven.

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