5 Most Impactful LoL Preseason Roster Changes So Far


The preseason of the LOL, as the Legendary League (LOL) community prepares for the upcoming competitive season, is always turbulent. From massive game updates for balancing to amazing changes in the registry – there have been a lot of interesting things during this time. As a fan of LOL, it can be difficult to follow everything at once. The purpose of this article is to familiarize you with the most important changes in the preseason list so far.

1. Nisky and liquorice from Cloud 9, caramel has been moved to main list

Cloud9 was the mainstay of The Worlds from the beginning until the SoloMid team defeated them this year. For the first time in the history of the organization, Cloud9 was not eligible for World. This meant that Cloud9 had to act decisively to regain its former glory.

As part of these measures, Cloud9 fired long-term players Yasin Nisqy Dintser and Eric Licorice Richie. Cloud9 also promoted varsity player Ibrahim Faj Allami to the main team to replace licorice at the top.

Cloud9 has been negotiating with many free agents in recent weeks. One of these free agents is Luca Perks Perkovich of G2 Esports, who reportedly joined Cloud9 with a ransom of $5 million. Although these rumors are unproven, the addition of Perkz to the Cloud9 list may be the missing piece they need to get back into the world.

2. MechArt leaves Suning, rumours about TSM membership with Huni

A fall without winning the World Cup could lead players to reconsider their current position on the matchday. LOL’s preseason is the perfect time to continue these thoughtful reflections, just as Huo SwordArt Shuo-Chie uses this time to make changes in his career. The world champion has just left Suning Gaming, which gives him access to the offers of the other teams.

Meanwhile, there are rumours that Heo Huni Seung-hoon of SwordArt and Team Liquid will join the SoloMid team and replace the biofreezer or the broken blade. None of the teams involved has made a formal statement in this respect. But his mention in Jacob Wolf’s Free Agents Show confirms the rumor.

3. Nuguri and BeryL move from DAMWON Gaming to the independent agency.

Once they become world champions, some players may have reason enough to stay with their team. However, the new masters Yang Nuguri Ha-gwon and Cho Beryl Geon-hee seem to think differently.

DAMWON Gaming announced on Twitter that two of them are part of a free agency. Although this means that these two players are likely to join the other teams during the preseason LoL, they can always choose to re-subscribe to DAMWON Gaming.

안녕하세요. 담원게이밍과 Nuguri 장하권, BeryL 조건희 선수와의 계약이 만료되었음을 알려드립니다. 오랜 시간 담원게이밍과 여정을 함께해주신 선수분들께 감사드립니다. Image.twitter.com/zHzJtHS9Cy.

– DWG_Officially (@DamwonGaming) 17. November 2020

4. Rackles joins an independent desk, Nisqy can join and replace Nemesis in Fnatic.

Reaching the quarterfinals of Fnatic at the 2020 World Cup has been a draw for the team in recent years. A few small changes to their list may help them return to the top and eventually qualify for a second championship, which they have missed so far. However, it seems that Rackles is more interested in looking for opportunities elsewhere when he joins a free agency. With Perkz likely to jump into Cloud9 during the LoL pre-season, the G2 Esports could become Reckless’ new home until the start of the next round.

In the meantime, Cloud9 may have removed Nisqy from the main list, but that doesn’t mean it has nowhere else to go. He can replace Nemesis in the middle runway with Fnatick if the rumors are true, but none of this is confirmed. Nisky’s return to the LEC could rejuvenate him and give Fnatica a better chance to win gold.

Sources : It is expected that @FNATIC will complete the renewal of the contract with @FNCHylissang for one year, which will mark his return to the team after the impressive performance of #Worlds2020.

Now, the big elephant in the Fnatic Room: Sign Rekkles, who will act as a free agent on Monday.

– Jacob Wolf (@JacobWolf) 15. November 2020.

5. Santorini, Alfari flies in the LCS for Team Liquid, Jensen stays with Team.

Team Liquid could do better in 2020, so some changes are fully in place. The Liquid team is not afraid to make big changes to its list while looking for gold.

Reportedly, Young Impact Yeongyeon has signed a contract with Evil Geniuses for the coming season and Team Liquid’s top position remains open. That’s where Lucas Santorin Larsen will take off with the FlyQuest. Meanwhile, Mads Brox Brock Pedersen has already left the jungle of Team Liquid to join CounterLogic Gaming. Barney Alfari Morris will be the new king of the jungle when he first enters the LCS.

These two additions to Team Liquid are actually very good additions to Team Liquid. Alfari and Santorini were praised for their role, despite the lack of success of the previous teams in the tournament. Alfari and Santorini are already excellent players who can reach their full potential with Team Liquid.

Meanwhile, the Liquid team tried to keep midfielder Nikolai Jensen satisfied with his performance last year. By accepting a three-year contract, Jensen had to help make the new players what Team Liquid would become.

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