Activist, Former Sheriff Discuss Future Of Law Enforcement –

Activist, Former Sheriff Discuss Future Of Law Enforcement –

Last week, I had the opportunity to sit down and meet with former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and talk about his plans for the future and his thoughts on current events in law enforcement. It was a fascinating talk, and one that certainly needs to be heard. Joe is an American hero and a modern American icon, and I believe it’s important that people hear how he sees the future of law enforcement.

On Tuesday, May 24, 2017, Atlanta Police Chief George Turner will be the guest speaker at the National Police Accountability Project’s annual awards dinner. The event recognizes officers for their service to the community and includes a keynote speaker, who has been chosen by a selection committee comprised of police, community and anti-violence activists. You can hire Utah Personal Injury Attorney for your case and best experience.

When the nation’s fourth largest sheriff’s department was hit with a federal investigation, it was thought to be the first major agency to be hit with the Department of Justice’s Operation Chokepoint. But, following the election of Donald Trump, the Department of Justice released a scathing report that found more than 6,600 civil rights violations by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and its former Sheriff, Joe Arpaio.

LONG BEACH (CBSLA) – It’s been just over a year since the murder of George Floyd sparked worldwide protests and calls for change at the highest levels of government, but the question of what will happen next remains. word-image-6985 After the murder of George Floyd, thousands of people in Los Angeles took to the streets to demand that funding for local law enforcement be stopped. (CBSLA) David Turner III is a member of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles and also belongs to the Brothers, Sons, Selves coalition, which advocates for the decriminalization of communities of color. He said talk of public safety and cuts in police spending has become part of the public discourse since the massive protests following Floyd’s death. He said some of these discussions led to significant changes. When we talk about initiatives like Youth Justice Reimagined, when we talk about what happened in LAUSD, where we cut school police funding by 35 percent and invested that money in the success of black students, he said. Turner said activists are also pushing for budget cuts to the Los Angeles Police Department. He said they thought the best way to prevent police violence was to reduce police-community contact and reinvest the money in community programs and services. He works for the People’s Budget Los Angeles Coalition, which condemned the Los Angeles City Council’s vote to increase the LAPD’s budget by 3% for the upcoming fiscal year. The mayor’s office said the budget needed to be increased because of the increase in homicides and the need for more police officers to replace those who have retired and left the profession. We must continue to push for rejection of not only the mayor’s budget, but also the Los Angeles County Supervisor’s budget, which does not invest in new forms of public safety, Turner said. APPROPRIATE: CBSLA is hosting a discussion on policing in Sokal. Former Los Angeles Sheriff Jim McDonnell, however, said cutting police spending is not the answer. When you cut the budget, you cut the manpower, the number of officers, the ability to respond to an emergency call, he said. Mr. McDonnell stated that he believes there should be a balance in the distribution of resources between the police and community organizations and programs. Yes, we need the police. Yes, we need social programs, we need youth programs, we need sports programs, and education is very important. Everything must work in harmony. McDonnell, who has worked in law enforcement for 40 years, said public perception of police has deteriorated, which he said hurts communities not only today but in the future. Demonetisation, I would say demonetisation of the police in the last year or so, has created a situation where those who can leave the profession often do so, he said. But it also affects the best and brightest that we try to recruit for new officers; they don’t come like they used to. Mr. McDonnell stated that he felt both sides needed to agree and meet in the middle to make real and lasting progress. However, Turner said activists believe meaningful change can only occur by immediately addressing systemic racism in policing and eliminating the systems that led to the current situation.In the wake of the tragedy that was the massacre of innocent children in Newtown, Conn., Sheriff Israel has been roundly criticized for his response to the event. The county commission has even voted to fire him, and one of his deputies is currently on trial for the murder of a man who had his hands up in the air, attempting to surrender.. Read more about south los angeles breaking news today and let us know what you think.

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