AMVETS, Disabled American Veterans vow to remove members charged in the Capitol riots

Several veterans organizations told CNN they are actively checking their membership lists to identify veterans who have made headlines. Organizations such as the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and AMVETS have announced that they also plan to revoke the membership of those who engage in illegal acts or violence.

We believe our members have a very sacred right to protest, Dan Clare, a DAV spokesman, told CNN. They fought and sacrificed to protect that freedom, but when protesters crossed the border and committed illegal acts, especially in the nation’s capital, we were horrified.

DAV has over a million members and is a non-partisan organization. According to Claire, while the organisation supports the right of its members to protest, it is outraged that vets are involved in any way in acts of violence.

VWD national commander Stephen Butch Whitehead said the organisation was saddened by the fact that any veteran would desecrate the nation’s capital.

The organization will take immediate action to initiate the removal of any member of VDD guilty of misconduct against our nation, Whitehead said.

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According to Claire, when the prosecution heard about the media reports, they searched his database. He said he couldn’t find anyone who was a member.

The 250,000-member AMVETS said it was shocked, saddened and outraged by the unrest on Capitol Hill.

The organization’s charter includes an oath that its members take to preserve democracy and freedom in the country, AMVETS wrote in a statement to CNN.

The crowd used deliberate force to disrupt and attempt to stop a function of the U.S. Constitution, the statement said. They killed a law enforcement officer (who was a veteran), injured many others, desecrated the halls of Congress and threatened to undermine democracy.

U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian D. Siknick died after being injured in the line of duty, a U.S. Capitol Police officer said.

Siknick was a staff sergeant in the New Jersey National Guard, according to the office of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. He was a member of the fire team and commander of the 108 Air Force Security Squadron at McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Joint Base, Murphy said in a statement.

AMVETS said that all its members who participated in the violence would be expelled from their local AMVETS post. The organization stated that it had seen no evidence of the involvement of any of its members.

The American Legion, the country’s largest veterans organization, has condemned the violence.

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An attack on Capitol Hill is an attack on all of us, says James W. Bill Oxford, commander of the American Legion. Whether these acts of violence are committed by right-wing groups, left-wing groups or uninvolved citizens, they are never acceptable. We don’t do that in America.

John Rotter, a spokesman for the American Legion, said the organization takes disciplinary action when its members violate its principles.

We rely on the reports to determine if any of their members violated the preamble and principles, Raughter wrote in an email to CNN. It would be a shame to stereotype the vast majority of American veterans based on the actions of a few.

So far, he said, the organization has not heard that any of its more than 2 million members have been involved in violence.

Veterans of Foreign Wars USA (VFW), which has more than 1.5 million members, told CNN that it is not known at this time if any VFW members were involved in the attack on our nation’s Capitol last week.

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We have policies and procedures in place to take organizational action against members who behave inappropriately toward the organization, VFW spokesman Terrence L. Hayes told CNN by email.

CNN has contacted American Vietnam veterans and the Wounded Warrior Project for their comments, but has received no response.

Both organizations condemned the attacks in statements published online.

Three veterans have been charged in connection with events on Capitol Hill, CNN reported Wednesday. To date, the veterans organizations interviewed by CNN have stated that the suspects are not on their membership lists.

Katelyn Polantz, Marshall Cohen, Eric Levenson, Amir Vera, and Mallika Kalingal contributed to this report.

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