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The World of Nature and Water is a beautiful place that we can all experience in our own ways. There is so much to admire and appreciate in nature. Today we live in a world where we can easily see nature from a distance, and we can even take a few steps back and enjoy the view. But at the same time, with all those advances and technology, we miss seeing, feeling and experiencing nature up close and personal. That is why I want to help get goverment and people to make more effort to be more considerate to nature and clean the environment.

I’ve been assured that this blog post will actually have an introduction. I’ve also been assured that I won’t talk about the fact that I hate the couple I’m photographing. And, if I wish, I can delete it.

The latest from the city! Help Keep Atascadero Creek Clean!

Rachelle Rickard, City Manager

Atascadero Creek has long been one of our community’s cherished gems, winding its way through town before flowing into the Salinas River and providing Atascadero’s water supply. Summer days spent fishing or playing in the Creek are fondly remembered by many locals. The physical and emotional well-being of our community depends on the protection of Atascadero Creek’s water quality and natural beauty.

Despite numerous and continuing City and volunteer efforts, keeping Atascadero Creek and the surrounding community paths clean, beautiful, and welcoming is a constant struggle. Regular stream clean-up operations are carried out by the City, including encampment clean-ups and yearly brush removal in places where the Department of Fish and Wildlife permits.

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The City collaborated with Earthshine, a local non-profit that organizes and manages community clean-up activities, to accomplish two large stream clean-ups earlier this year. On both occasions, we had a large number of enthusiastic Atascadero volunteers who came out to help, which the City really appreciates. Earthshine, Atascadero City Council and staff members, and all the great community volunteers worked together to make these activities a success.

The Annual Creek Clean-Up Day, which will be conducted this year on Saturday, September 18 from 9 a.m. to noon, is another chance for volunteers to help with these kinds of activities. Each year, the Atascadero Mutual Water Company (AMWC), Waste Management, and the City of Atascadero collaborate to put on this event, which is made possible by a dedicated group of community volunteers. Every year, hundreds of tons of garbage are collected from the City’s streams and the Salinas Riverbed. Individuals and local volunteer organizations are always welcome! Participants will gather in the AMWC yard on Sycamore Avenue at 9:00 a.m. More information about the event, as well as a flier, will be available shortly.

Atascadero Creek clean-up is an activity that civic-minded community members can perform while safely enjoying the great outdoors and demonstrates the type of community spirit that continues to make Atascadero a wonderful place to live. We encourage our residents to join in these clean-up efforts by participating in one or more of the large-scale community events or by contacting their church or other local volunteer organization that may already undertake these types of activities on a regular basis. In addition, individuals who want to do what they can to help keep Atascadero Creek beautiful, in-between the regularly scheduled community activities, may contact our Public Works Department to help pre-arrange for assistance with trash disposal, if needed.

Please call our Public Works Department at 805-470-3456 for additional information, or email me at [email protected].

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