Black Clover: Top 10 Openings, Ranked

The opening sequence of Black Clover is one of the best in action anime to date, and now that episode 170 has ended, it’s a good time to look back and remember how many great sequences we’ve seen over the years. Yuki Tabata’s original manga series is currently one of the most popular franchises in the pages of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump, and its popularity is only increasing with the success of the anime series. But, as many fans have come to expect from long-running action episodes, the show is alone in the opening here.

However, Black Clover’s anime struggles to make it into the top 10 due to the generally very good quality of the series lineup. It’s a bit like hair-splitting (especially when it comes to the top of the list). So for this list, I tried to keep as much of my personal music taste as possible (at least as much as possible for a list like this), and it’s not like I have a history of teaching music, so you won’t find any deep flaws in the songs themselves.

Instead, we look at the whole package. These debuts are ranked based on the balance of imagery and pacing of the opening track itself, the amount of current storyline they can convey (since this series is known for showing future events through the debuts), and the overall explosiveness and excitement.

After all, you want the hype from the theme of the opening sequence of Black Clover! Read on to discover a selection of the ten best introductory Black Clover topics! So there are some that didn’t make the list, so let us know what your favorite topics are in the comments! You can even contact me directly about your selection @ Valdezology on Twitter! What was your number one?


EMPiRE RiGHT NOW is the ninth installment in the series and comes at just the right time. As the first real opening of the entire Reincarnation series, it had a lot to offer, and there are many enticing battles that fans will see unfold pretty quickly in the episodes. The only major problem here, compared to some of the stronger opening themes, is the balance between the kinetic energy of the piece and the actual visual presentation. The tides don’t quite match what was before and after.

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#9 – Guess Who’s Back.

The same imbalance between image and sound can be found in Guess Who’s Back Kumi Koda’s fourth opus. While this is a real challenge, the visual portion of the opening is filled with lots of still images. They are still images presented in a dynamic way, and there is some flair between each image, but they are still images. The rhythm of the song fits better in this series than many of the smaller debuts, but it’s as good as any you’ll find in this list.

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The energy imbalance is the same problem as in the seventh opening, JUSTadICE Seiko Oomori. While this is undoubtedly one of the most resounding openings in the history of the series, the visuals of the sequence are not as fast-paced and energetic as the song itself. There are some great transformation sequences (and hints at future openings), but this imbalance doesn’t really show up until the opening climax. The last few seconds where we see the knights reunite are murderous, but also hilarious given the scope of the subject matter in this film.

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#7 – Rakugaki Page

Like the sixth opening theme of the entire series, the rakugaki side of Kankaku Piero has a darker color scheme. This is confirmed by the opening image of the sequence, which has a dark overlay for the first few seconds. Unfortunately, this motif has been set aside as providing a better understanding of the events surrounding the trial of the royal knights. There are some nice action scenes in it, but it doesn’t really fit the title like later debuts do. But there’s enough energy to draw fans.

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#6 – Eternal Glow

The twelfth opening theme was one of the most difficult in the entire series. Since the original training arc of the anime series has to be covered between the events of the Reincarnation and Peak Realm arcs, there isn’t much that this sequence can convey visually compared to what came before and after. But it succeeds because of TOMORROW x TOGETHER’s Everlasting Shine, which is very different from other theme songs. Even with all that weight on your shoulders, it’s a fun series that fits well with the theme of relaxation. It’s just fun to watch and listen to.

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#5 – Size

As the last opening theme of the anime (at least so far), there was a lot of pressure on the thirteenth opening to hit the mark. Not only should it stand out from all previous releases, but it should also usher in the next Spade Kingdom arc. Thankfully, it hits the nail on the head in this regard, as not only does it contain tons of allusions to the remaining episodes of the anime (one of the great strengths of these openings in general), but the general tones of awesomeness Sasquatch keeps that energy going. It’s not bad for a series, but it’s held back a bit by the fact that the subject matter isn’t as intense as the images suggest.

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#4 – Har du Mira

The very first opening of Black Clover may have been overshadowed by the many songs released after it, but Haruka Mirai Kankaku Piero started the anime off with a bang. This is the first introduction that caught the attention of many Yuki Tabata fans. Not only did the opening announce many of the characters and fighters we will meet over the course of the anime, but it was also just the beginning of the anime with the anticipation of a great debut. And he certainly surpassed it later, but the first opening still deserves its recognition.

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#3 – Black Rover

At first I thought it was nostalgia, but the third opening theme really holds up well after all this time. Black Rover by Vickeblanka is not only a fun song, but the rhythmic sequence is so strong that it creates a whole new expectation for the anime as a whole. A lot happens quietly, and there are some beautifully animated sequences that will become the norm in later openings. But it was also the first truly high-profile opening in the history of the series, so it really deserves its place here.

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#2 – Sky and Blue

While Black Rover deserves praise for the many small moments that come out so well in the final sequence, the eighth opening sequence elevates the film to a new level. Sky & Blue by GIRLFRIEND is part of an incredible series that not only covers some of the most important events in the reincarnation series, but also provides each scene with plenty of animated flair. The climax of the course comes at just the right time, and it fits arm wrestling perfectly. It’s tough at the top, but there’s another one that’s a little better.

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#1 – Black Catcher

With the tenth opening theme of the entire series, Vikeblanca has returned to the best opening theme of the animated series. Black Catcher has had several versions updated during the Reincarnation and Fallout arc, but the first opening version is the best yet and the best in the series. It is so different from everything that precedes and follows it. With dark motifs reminiscent of early openings like Page Rakugaki, the opening piano riffs, accompanied by an image of Nero falling into a black void, underscore the final battle of the Reincarnation series.

This is a very bold choice for the show, as this opening will be updated later with different takes. It was a purely artistic nod to the episodes of the series itself, and it was a choice that was spectacularly executed. This is a height the black clover will never reach….. At least, not yet.


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