Bristol ‘Kill the Bill’ protests: Fireworks launched at police horses

Chaos ensued as the crowd grew to over 1,000 people (photo: Newsflare).

Violence broke out on the streets of Bristol last night at the third Kill Bill protest, with 10 arrests made.

Glass bottles, bricks and eggs were thrown at police officers, and his mounted unit staged a fireworks display in which a horse was doused with paint.

The protesters also shone laser beams into the officers’ faces and fired at the shields.

About 300 people first joined a march through the city centre to oppose the government’s new law on police, crime, criminal justice and courts, which includes more powers to restrict demonstrations.

Most protesters behaved peacefully last night, but when the crowd reached over 1,000 people, a storm broke out.

Officers wearing helmets and shields advanced towards the protesters after 10pm and asked the crowd to disperse due to the restrictions imposed by Covid.

Avon and Somerset Police have also been accused of acting disproportionately. Daily Mirror reporter Matthew Dresh said he was arrested by police while claiming to be a member of the press.

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Protesters take to the streets to protest a bill that would give police the power to crack down on demonstrations (Photo: Getty Images)

Video footage shows fireworks being thrown at frightened horses (Photo: Newsflare).

A woman is pulled out of the crowd by riot police officers (Photo: PA)

A horse was painted over and protesters shone lasers into the officer’s eyes (Photo: Newsflare).

He tweeted: I respectfully observed what was going on and posed no threat to the officers.

Video footage also shows officers using shields and batons to beat protesters who are on the ground, and hitting a protester in the leg while dragging him away.

Commenting on yesterday’s clashes, Superintendent Mark Roonackers said: Most people behaved peacefully, but a minority were hostile to the officers. Such rude behavior is unacceptable.

Officers continued to ask people to disperse, but when tempers flared and people became physical, intervention was required.

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Three of those arrested were also arrested in connection with the first march last Sunday, which was followed by another demonstration on Tuesday night in which 15 people were arrested.

Added Supt Runacres: All the police officers involved in the incident were specially trained and accredited for public order operations and showed exceptional patience in the face of the great unrest.

We have sometimes had to use reasonable force – not something we like to do, but we have a duty to uphold the law, prevent crime and protect people and property.

A large police force was present during the demonstration, which helped to repel the crowd with horses and dogs.

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Most of the protesters behaved peacefully, but then the scenes turned ugly (Photo: Getty Images)

Glass bottles, bricks and eggs were thrown at the police officers (Photo: SWNS).

Police said 10 people were arrested at yesterday’s protest (Photo: Reuters)

A third Kill Bill protest took place in Bristol last night (Photo: SWNS).

Prior to the arrests, protesters danced to music, handed out flowers and chanted slogans like Who are you protecting? and Justice for Sara, referring to the murder victim Sara Everard.

Police officer Wayne Cousins, 48, of Deal, Kent, has been charged with her murder.

Rows of officers and vans blocked protesters in front of Bridewell police station, the site of Sunday’s violence.

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill would give police in England and Wales greater powers to fine or detain non-violent protesters, including those deemed too noisy or obnoxious.

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Tempers flared as the crowd reached 1,000 (Photo: Getty Images).

When the atmosphere changed and people started touching each other, intervention was required, police said (Photo: Newsflare).

Police have denied allegations that officers suffered broken bones during Sunday’s riots (Photo: EPA)

Officers with helmets on and shields on entered the crowd around 10pm (Photo: Getty Images).

Last Sunday’s first protest started off peacefully, with around 3,000 people in attendance, but it turned into a riot when around 500 people marched into Bridewell police station.

Twelve people were arrested in connection with the demonstration, which saw police officers attacked, police vehicles set on fire and police station windows smashed.

Avon and Somerset Police later denied claims that two officers suffered broken bones and another suffered a punctured lung during Sunday’s fight.

A spokesman said: We thought the information was verified, but it was not, and we apologize, but it was not our intention to mislead you.

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