College football Power Rankings for Week 14

Ohio could have made the final decision with his 52-12 victory over Michigan, but the play-off contenders get enough beams in a week. How about a little love for Coastal Carolina and BYU, who may have played the best game of the season, even though they planned their games spontaneously?

(Note in margin for any U.S. team that is 15 years ahead of its nonconference games: These two programs have shown that exciting off-season play isn’t as impossible as people would have us believe.)


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The two teams looking for promotion opportunities in the calendar and the Dark Horse in the play-off break realized they needed each other, so they did. It was playfully called Mormon versus Mule and served as entertainment until the end – when the BUU ran from their 18th to Coastal Carolina in 52 seconds to get their last chance to win. Zack Wilson threw to Dax Milne, but was caught 1-1, leaving no time on the clock in the shadow of Super Bowl XXXIV when the Titans finished three metres below the goal line against the Rams.

Cincinnati remains the favorite for fifth place on New Year’s Eve, but Beach Carolina gave the committee enough reason to think about moving up the rankings this week. The first seven may seem (again) at the end, but moving the commission to Coastal Carolina could lead to some intrigue. The blackmailers have certainly proven they deserve a raise.

Once again, the Crimson Tide proved why they are the nation’s top choice in their 55-17 victory over LSU. Let’s take a look at the tours they made last season. What happened on Saturday was the methodical dismantling of the reigning national champions, who again showed all the offensive qualities of Alabama’s players. DeVonta Smith’s wide receiver had only 200 yards in the first half, Najee Harris finished the game with 145 yards on the ground and the Mac Jones made it so easy at 385 yards and four points.

Next: Arkansas (Saturday, TBA).

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Mac Jones threw for 385 yards and four touchdowns, including three for DeVonte Smith, which ended at 231 yards when Alabama released the LSU 55-17.

exclaimed Jan Boek in his last home game at Notre Dame and became the most successful quarterback in the history of the school by beating Syracuse 45-21. The book is responsible for five touchdowns this season (three assists, two rushes) and the Irish have scored 45 or more points in five games this season, a draw for most of the season in the history of the school. It seems that the Irish are in a good position to take the CCA Championship in the playoffs, no matter what.

Carry on: Clemson, CCA championship match, (16:00 ET, December 19, ABC)

History is as old as time… because this year, Clemonson returns to the CCA Championship for the sixth year in a row, earning a spot after a 45-10 victory over Virginia Tech that exploded at the end of the third quarter after a tight race. With his victory, Trevor Lawrence became the leader of the school forever and became the starting quarterback at the age of 33. Looking to the future, the Tigers are not allowed to make mistakes in the CCA title match against Notre Dame. Clemson has to win to get a spot in the playoffs.

Carry on: Notre Dame, CCA championship match, (4 p.m. ET, December 19, ABC)

There were many questions about how the Buckeyes, with four starting players and a total of 23 players, would play against the state of Michigan and coach Ryan Day as they watched from home. The Buckeyes answered all the questions and proved that they deserved to participate in the university football play-offs after the 52-12 victory. Quarterback Justin Fields made over 300 yards of attack and four touchdowns when the Buckeyes showed the kind of dominant performance we all expected at the start of the season.

Carry on: Michigan. (ET noon, Saturday, Fox)

Aggies continued her work on the victory case in the university football tournament and defeated Auburn 31-20. Quarterback Kellen Mond played much better than in the previous time-out with three joint touchdowns and helped Texas A&M get back on track with a backlog in the third quarter. Texas A&M scored 17 unanswered points and ended the attack of the Tigers in the fourth quarter. Even though the Aggies are probably on their way and will be looking to the next standings again, a new victory will only benefit their business.

Carry on: Ole Miss (Saturday, TBA)

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Kyle Trask helped rejuvenate the alligator program by putting a star in the spotlight to bring Florida back into the SEC championship game. Instead, it looks like Trask has beaten Tennessee after 433 meters and four touchdowns. To understand the importance of Trask’s success in Florida, these statistics tell us everything: Trask is the first Gator to throw 3,000 yards in one season since Tim Tebow in 2007.

Carry on: LSU (Saturday, TBA)

The Bears have taken their place in the game of the American Track and Field Championship and have been playing it since the 21st century. November because of problems with the coronavirus. You have to be ready for the next game in Tulsa, which is an interesting scenario. It could end with a return game in the title game of next week’s conference. This happened last year, but with unsatisfactory results: Cincinnati lost to Memphis at the end of the regular season and then back in the title game.

Then: in Tulsa (Saturday, to be confirmed).

Let’s line up the Chanticelers. Why not? After a devastating 22:17 victory over BYU, the second victory over a competitor this season, they deserved it. And they did it exactly as they planned. They controlled the clock and were the attackers on the battle line, diving up to 281 meters – mostly in the Pamachie throughout the season. With the victory, South Carolina became the first Sunbelt team to win 10 consecutive races at any time of the season.

Then: in Troy (3 p.m. ET, Saturday, ESPN+).

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The Carolina Coast Guard will stop when the Chanticleers eliminate BYU in the final stretch to win 22-17.

Indiana went into the game against Wisconsin without star quarterback Michael Penix Jr. (ACL Torn), but again had an impressive performance with a 14-6 victory over the Badgers. What the Hossiers have achieved this season is amazing: For the first time since 1993, they played 6-1, and now, for the first time since 1945, they have defeated three scoring teams in one season. Against Wisconsin, the defense raised and held Badger by six points – AP’s lowest-scoring opponent has been able to reach against the state of Michigan since 1993.

Carry on: Saturday (Saturday, to be confirmed)

In their first game since mid-November, the Hurricanes looked totally dominant when they beat Duke 48-0, a team that had been added to the roster six days earlier due to a coronavirus-related switch. Coach Manny Diaz said earlier in the week that he wasn’t sure how the hurricanes would handle the shortened training week due to the absence of a few players, but they seemed to be handling it well. It was their most one-sided conference since the 59-0 victory in Syracuse in 2001.

Carry on: North Carolina (Saturday, to be confirmed)

The Cougars deserve unjustified praise for making a jogging trip as soon as possible to play in South Carolina to strengthen their program. They fell one meter shorter in the 22-17 loss to the Chanticleers, after Dax Milne was caught a little shorter than the goal line, with no time limit. It was an unexpected race for the BYU, which despite the defeat had its best season in many years and still has the opportunity to finish it with 10 victories.

Carry on: State of San Diego (22:00 ET, Saturday, ESPN2)

Matt Campbell did a phenomenal job with the Iowa program, and Cyclones took it to the next level by winning the first entry in the Big 12 title game. They dominated the 42-6 victory over West Virginia and won 8-2. Brock Perdy threw a touchdown for three assists and Brace Hall scored a touchdown for his tenth straight game, overtaking Troy Davis for the most consistent TD matches in the history of the state of Iowa (1995-96). Hall is the first player in the history of the school to do so in a season.

Carry on: Big 12 Championship game (afternoon ET, December 19, ABC).

Let’s just say Georgia Athletic Director Greg McGarity isn’t very happy with the Bulldog vs. The month of December was characterized by the fact that the Commodors didn’t have enough players for Saturday. As Mr McGarity pointed out, there is no guarantee that the game will be played on the 19th. December is being played. This is the second time in four weeks that the game has been postponed because the opponent did not have a minimum list of candidates for a place in the SEC.

Next topic: Missouri (Saturday, TBA).

This season may not be the end of the playoffs for Speed, but the Big 12 title still has a chance. Despite the fact that the 27-14 victory over Baylor was not filled with the offensive fireworks that everyone was used to seeing, and looked more like a slogan than anything else, Oklahoma won their sixth straight game and secured the position for a rematch against Iowa State in the Big 12’s championship game.

Next: West Virginia (Saturday, to be confirmed).

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Spencer Rattler throws a few touchdowns and Rammondr Stevenson brings one back. Oklahoma’s number 11 wins the Baylor 27-14.

The Trojan game against the Washington State team has been postponed until Sunday after both teams were hit by coronavirus problems and their respective games were cancelled last weekend. Coach Clay Helton said the Trojans were in a very good position last week, although both teams may not be able to play. For the OSC, this is another chance for the quarterback of Kedon Slovas to continue to make a good start to the season.

Carry on: Washington State (Sunday, 19:30 p.m. EST, Fox Sports 1).

The Wildcats had cancelled their game against Minnesota due to widespread coronavirus problems in the Golden Gophers, Northwest was unable to play the first game of the season. But they have taken a place in the game for the Big Ten title, even if the conference changes the rules of requirements. It’s a great achievement for the team that reached the 3:9 level last season.

Carry on: Illinois (Saturday, TBA)

Golden Hurricane was selected by the U.S. Sports Conference as the ninth of 11 teams in a preseason season survey. But the 19-6 victory over the fleet came in a conference championship match against Cincinnati, the team they will face next weekend. Jaxon Player showed particularly impressive play against the midfielders: 12 tackles, 4.5 tackles for the defeat and two sacks.

Carry on: Cincinnati (Saturday, TBA)

The Hawkeys trailing 14-0 beat Illinois 35-21, while Spencer Petras scored three touchdowns. Iowa rushed over 200 yards to claim his fifth straight victory after the 0-2 start. The comeback marked the Hawkeyes’ second win in 10 seasons when they were at least 14 points behind.

Carry on: Wisconsin (Saturday, TBA)

On Friday, for the first time in the history of the school, the Cajun Ragin defeated the Appalachian State and won 9-1. But the only thing they wanted to talk about after the game was the decision to take a deliberate safe on the 35-yard line to avoid another failure by the special team. Coach Billy Napier defended the decision later, and although it was unconventional, it worked (this time). This is the biggest challenge: Coastal Carolina in a tanning championship match.

Carry on: Coast Carolina (December 19, tbc)

As expected, the Tar Heels surpassed South Carolina 49-9 to finish their last home game of the season. Sam Howell missed two touchdowns, scoring 64 touchdowns in his career, along with Breen Renner for second place in the school’s history. As a replacement, Michael Carter ended his career with three touchdowns in the first half. Although North Carolina did not qualify for the CCA-championship, an exciting game between North Carolina and Miami is scheduled for this weekend at the end of the regular season.

Next rendezvous: Miami (Saturday, TBA).

The Wolfpack ended its regular season with a 23-13 victory over Georgia Tek, doubling its total win over the previous year. Although the modified CCA schedule this season did not include games in Clemson and Notre Dame, the team had one of its best seasons under Dave Dawren, despite losing the starting quarterback Devin Leary after four games.

Carry on: TBD

The Flames were unable to play against Coastal Carolina due to coronavirus problems in their team, which is disappointing given the next big game. Instead, Beregovaya got the game with BYU, and Liberty no longer has regular season games.

Carry on: Possible bowling game

Two words: Jarek Broussard. After beating Arizona 24-13, Broussard walked 301 yards, the fourth player in the history of the school to run 300 yards and the first since Chris Brown in 2002. The Buffaloys start 4-0 and deserve to be ranked this week – especially since the Pac-12 brothers from Oregon and Washington lost on Saturday.

Carry on: Utah (Friday, TBA, Fox Sports 1)

Welcome to the top 25, Spartans! After canceling two games in a row, San Jose postponed their home game against Hawaii due to new coronavirus restrictions in Santa Clara County, California. But that didn’t stop the Spartans from winning, 35-24 against the Rainbow Warriors. San Jose is the third team in the history of the Mountain West Conference to start the season for the first time since 1939 with a 5-0 score and win all five double-digit races.

Carry on: Nevada (Friday 22.00 ET, CBS Sports Network)

The Cowboys were about to fall out of the top 25 after a disappointing loss of 29-22 TSU. After a 4-0 start, Oklahoma lost two of their previous three starts and were hit particularly hard in the fourth quarter after two expensive red zone failures.

Next point: Baylor (Saturday 7 p.m. ET, ESPNU).

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