Community Underwriting supports some really  “Good News” news!

Thank you for your interest supporting the eMetro Times through AWAKE Communities International Inc.  We are Metro Atlanta’s “Good News” newspaper.  Our mission with this publication is to bring people who live in the metro area, local news stories that are both informative and inspiring.  As a non-profit organization, we are thankful for the support of amazing people like yourself.  Please consider becoming a Community Underwriter and help us share positive progress and purpose to our readers.

Previously the Olde Town Times and Alcovy Media we’re growing into a greater “Good News” source paper! eMetro Times now serves the dense city populations in East DeKalb, Rockdale, Newton, and Walton.

Our Circulation

  • 12,000 Circulation
  • Distributed at over 100 locations in the East Metro Atlanta area
  • Reaching over 3000 per month on Social Media; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and LinkedIn
  • A true community resource for News and Stories of real people.
  • Digital Publication emailed to over 1000 people bi-weekly

Your online underwriting will also appear throughout the website.


What is a Community Underwriter?

While we don’t raise funds through traditional advertising, we do acknowledge contributions made by businesses by allowing them to tell our community readership about who they are and what they do through an expertly designed informative section in the paper. These non-traditional “ads” provide a venue for us to thank them for their support and show our community that your company, service or product is valued at eMetro Times.

Our readers value local, informative, and inspiring news that creates an opportunity to experience joy in their daily lives while informing them of local community based good news, because of this, we are excited to share which area businesses are helping to make it possible.

eMetro Times Community Underwriting support is built for both small and large businesses. Our grant levels are low because our focus is on partnering with you to create funds to continue our mission to both share good news and to create opportunities for the development of young leaders. Because it is so affordable, together we are able to share the joy of making a difference in the lives of many people in this region.

Why Become a Community Underwriter?

Reader Loyalty: When a reader trusts the publication that they read, then the publication itself becomes a safe place and they utilize its supporters services or products as a result.  Marketing Charts has listed that Print Papers are the most influential media at 58%, with Online at 41% and Social Media at 38%.  


Reader Focus: People care what is going on around them. With a concentration on entertainment at 73% and people and events within their communities a strong 65%.  People we love to read stories. We choose to focus our articles on telling these stories in a heartfelt and encouraging way that will inspire readers to return.


Community Support:  We are in the business of building and supporting the community as a non-profit and so are many of our readers. 48% of newspaper readership stay with local newspapers for the purposes of knowing what is going on in their own backyard.  65% of local newspapers trust the sponsors and advertisers because of the publication.


Reader Ideals: People read eMetro Times for the message it conveys. Your business name will become linked to the values and messages that we promote. Our readers want to support businesses that share their strongly held values and beliefs.


It’s Mobile: We reach people in every sphere of influence both print and online in their homes, vehicles, and businesses, and even their phones. No matter where you travel throughout the world we can be read on the internet and social media.


Social Media: As a Community Underwriter of eMetro Times, you are helping us reach a growing percentage of U.S. adults who get news from Social Media sites; Facebook 64%, Youtube 51%, Twitter 16%, Google Plus 14%, LinkedIn 19%, and Instagram 12%.


Creating Healthy Culture: As a community underwriter of eMetro Times, you share in getting the “good news” to thousands of lives every single day, making a life-changing impact.  As a Community Underwriter of eMetro Times, you share in sewing good news into literally thousands of lives every month as well as create a support stream for the ministries of AWAKE Communities International, Inc. as we continue to #drinkcoffeelovepeople.  All support, gifts, and donations are tax deductible.

What Can Be Included In A Business Announcement?

  • Name of your Business
  • Address, Phone Number, and Website
  • Years of Business and Hours of Operation
  • The Names of Products Sold (Including Brand Names)
  • Words that encourage readers to visit your location
  • Services Provided


What Can Not Be Included In A Business Announcement?

  • Statements about Quality: (largest selection, newest, finest, state of the art, prices reduced, award-winning, board certified, etc.) or state facts that cannot be proved
  • Statements that Compare: (Better, best, oldest, etc.)
  • References to Price or Value
  • Inducements to Buy, Sell, Rent or Lease
  • Repetitive Statements


What Can Be Included In A Non-profit Church or Ministry Announcement?

  • Name of your Ministry
  • Address, Phone number, and Website Hours of operation
  • The Names of products sold and services provided (including Brand Names)
  • Statements that Compare and statements about quality are OK
  • Statements encouraging listeners to Call or Visit are OK
  • Price information (“suggested donation”) OK

Community Underwriting is Completely Tax Deductible
Since eMetro Times is a publication of AWAKE Communities International, Inc. a non-profit organization, we do not ‘sell’ advertisements. Any promotion given to businesses is contracted by grant, a tax-deductible donation (underwriting). A grant is an acknowledgment of a monetary donation or donation in kind. The intent of these Community Underwriting messages is to identify the donor. eMetro Times will send Community Underwriters a Year-End Statement as a receipt of their giving for those who desire to deduct their Underwriting donation from their taxes.

Right of Refusal or Cancellation
eMetro Times and ACI reserves the right to not accept or to discontinue any Community Underwriting announcements from organizations whose reputation has come under public scrutiny or received negative press that could harm the credibility or reputation of eMetro Times or AWAKE Communities International, Inc. by association.

Have something to share?

Engage potential clients with articles and information with links to your business. is an online resource for your local market and your business fills a need in our community. Share information and news and publicize your business.


 Suggested Sizes and Grant Amounts   12 months months months  
Business Card Size

(3.5” x 1.75”)


2x on Front page 1x on front page  
Double Business Card Size

(3.5” x 3.75″)

1/8 Page (5.25” x 3.75”)  US$145  2x on front page   1x on front page   
1/4 Page (5.25” x 7.75”)  US$225      
1/2 Page (10.5” x 7.75”)  US$375      
Full Page (10.5” x 16.5”)  US$650      
BACK PAGE 1/2 Page (10.5” x 7.75”) US$450    
Full Back Page (10.5” x 16.5”) US$725    


Add an Advertorial to your underwriting.
12 Months 6 months 3 months
Double Business Card US$10 US$15 US$20
1/8 Page (5.25” x 3.75”)   US$10 US$15 US$20
1/4 Page (5.25” x 7.75”)   US$10 US$15 US$20
1/2 Page (10.5” x 7.75”)   NC NC NC
Full Page (10.5” x 16.5”)    NC  NC NC
BACK PAGE 1/2 Page (10.5” x 7.75”)  NC  NC NC
Full Back Page (10.5” x 16.5”)   NC  NC  NC


Your community underwriting will also receive an online promotion based on the duration of commitment.

Community Underwriting Online Business Announcement w/ Commitment
12 Months 6 months 3 months
Banner (300 x 600)  
Home Page
Leaderboard (728 x 90) or Box (250 x 300)
Standard Box  (250 x 300)  x


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