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It’s an exciting time to be a social media user, with some of the most impressive platforms in the world. Twitter and Instagram have taken off in recent years, with Twitter being particularly exciting for the Atlanta tech community.

Batman. Superman. Wonder Woman. The Avengers. Thor. The Justice League. Marvel. DC. The X-Men. Each of these superhero franchises has its own distinctive look and style. What do all of these have in common? While each of these franchises has a unique look and visual identity, each also have similar visual elements that make them instantly recognizable to everyone.

After the dust settled on the weekend, and the headlines were written, the reactions to #BlackPowder were still raw. There was a lot of anger and sadness, but not much joy. We can only hope that people will take a step back from anger and sadness and reevaluate the situation. There are already people who are working to lessen the impact of this tragedy, such as the Make-A-Wish foundation.. Read more about is youtube social media and let us know what you think.The Loki series debuts Wednesday on Disney+, meaning many critics have already seen the first two episodes. Judging by the initial reactions on Twitter, the show is off to a good start. Although some viewers were disappointed with the first episode, it seems that by the time the second episode came out, they were officially sold on the plot. Loki follows the 2012 version of the God of Madness after he escaped with the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame. In the new series, he is picked up by the Time Change Authority, who want to help him restore the timeline he helped break. The series offers an exciting opportunity to introduce new versions of several characters from the Marvel universe. In addition to Hiddleston, Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Sofia Di Martino, Wunmi Mosaku and Richard E. Grant star in the series. In a recent interview, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed that Loki and Mr. Mobius Wilson will be one of Marvel’s most popular couples. You can see the first reactions to Loki below…..

Absolute explosion

#Loki is an absolute blast. Tom Hiddleston returns as the God of Madness and delivers his best performance to date. The cohesion of this series is clear, and fans will appreciate every detail – Marvel has found a way to expand the MCU and do it in such a smart and unique way. – Brad R Lambert (@bradrlambert) 6. June 2021 Previous – Next

Bromance Vibes

I’ve seen the first two episodes of #Loki and so far, I really like it. It’s a detective series about time travel, laying the groundwork for the MCU’s multiverse, but also about identity and facing uncomfortable truths about yourself. Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson’s romance is my favorite – Eric Davis (@ErikDavis) June 6, 2021 Previous – Next

‘Brandon Davis’ Clean

#Loki is my first favorite TV episode for Marvel Studios. Tom Hiddleston is too good in the role, picking up right where Loki left off in 2012. He’s great. This early reveal comes with some interesting details for MCU fans. I really like the beginning. There’s a lot of potential here! – BD (@BrandonDavisBD) 6. June 2021 Previous – Next

Different from anything they have done before

The @LokiOfficial show is excellent. Marvel continues to make a difference, it’s unlike anything they’ve done before. A special focus on the God of Calamity who gives us the best insight into His character, fears, uncertainties and glorious purpose. Oh, and Owen Wilson is awesome – Giovanni Campea (@johncampea) June 6, 2021 Previous – Next

Disney+ has another hit

#LOKI is unpredictable in a way that I think other Disney+ series in the MCU lack. He wastes no time in postponing important discoveries, leaves a lot of room for new discoveries, and makes it almost impossible to predict what is to come. We are merely participants in this crazy and glorious adventure. – Julia Delbel (@juliadelbel) June 6, 2021 Previous – Next

Hard start

#Loki doesn’t have the best start with ep. 1, which is poorly written but necessary to introduce the TVA world. Episode 2 is a step forward, introducing the plot and laying the groundwork for the rest of the season, which promises to be exciting. Reviewed by @DiscussingFilm on Tuesday – Ariel (@AKARELK) 6. June 2021 Previous – Next

Jenna Anderson

My God, #Loki is excellent. The first two episodes are twisted, irreverent and really serious, and the cast is great. Everything looks so fresh and at the same time it reminds me of diving into a stack of Bronze Age comics – Jenna Anderson (@heyitsjennalynn) 6. June 2021 Previous – Next

Marvel’s most ambitious project yet!

WOW! #LOKI might be the best #MCU series yet. Tom Hiddleston’s charismatic performance, incredibly clever script and stunning visuals combined with impeccable direction result in Marvel’s most ambitious project yet – a must see! – Diego Andaluz (@thediegoandaluz) June 6, 2021 Previous – Next

Twitter Fun

I’ve watched the first TWO episodes of #Loki, and if you enjoyed the #WandaVision experience on social media, you’re in for a treat. When you hit as many home runs as #MCU, you can hit some big runs, and that’s what this series is. #Loki looks down to earth, but the scale is huge! – Matt Roembke – (@mattroembke) 6. June 2021 Previous – Next

Clumsy Prime Minister

I’ve seen the first 2 episodes of #Loki and so far it’s promising….. A good but bumpy first episode followed by a fantastic second episode, an exciting thriller but also a series that dives nicely into Loki’s psyche. Full report from @AKARELK on Tuesday! – Jacob (@JacobDFilm) 6. June 2021 Previous – Next

Adam Barnhardt’s Own

#Loki has gotten off to an incredible start. Marvel humor of the highest order with time traveler antics and incredible heart. Hiddleston and Wilson make an excellent duo. Miss Minute is a superstar. Who knows where this will go, but the beginning lays the groundwork for something special. – Adam Barnhardt (@adambarnhardt) 6. June 2021 Previous – Next

Naughty comedy

WandaVision was supposed to be some kind of mystery, Falcon and Winter Soldier made statements about race and origin. I think #Loki has to be Marvel’s purest entertainment series yet, at least judging by the first two episodes. It’s a brutal action comedy. …. – Brandon Katz (@Great_Katzby) 6. June 2021 Previous – Next

Loki forever!

I’ve seen the first two episodes of LOKI, and it’s the best thing this character has ever done. It’s funny, smart, and brings to the MCU one of the most epic stories we’ve seen yet. The cast is great, Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson in particular are fantastic together – Hector Navarro (@Hectorisfunny) June 6, 2021 previous

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