Following the methods makes followers increase easy

Make a video in which you thank your followers.

Followers are more than just a collection of numbers. They are individuals. And you must make them feel valued in order to keep them interested. Make a video thanking your fans and identifying who they are. If you’re involved in a live video event, this is a fantastic concept. Consider the amount of engagement you’ll get if you produce a live broadcast that includes the names of all your fans. Even if it takes you longer than 24 hours, it will be well worth it in the end.

Make a one-of-a-kind reward for a fan.

Are you stumped as to what the award should be? Create a personalized prize for the winner of the competition. To surprise the winner, either interact with them or leave clues on their Instagram page. People love surprises, and those who are devoted to your present will be willing to stay even after the process is through out of curiosity.

Make a list of chores for your followers to perform.

Simply notify your followers that they will be rewarded if they share 20 of your images, just as in a game. That could be a promotional deal for a limited time. The possibilities are limitless. Instagram auto liker makes you be more popular on Instagram.

Provide rewards to your fans for boosting your profile.

Discounts can also be offered as a thank you to those who share or promote your profile. Knowing how to get your audience to work for you is not only beneficial to both parties, but it also strengthens the link between your customers and your business.

Make an Instagram photo collection.

Why not make an Instagram photo game for your followers to complete and reward them for their efforts? Make a world out of your photos and use tags to help people discover the proper answers. You might even get some free publicity as a result of this. You can get more free Instagram likes.

Make a “Find the Clue” narrative for your most devoted fans.

Create “find the clue” stories as another photo game idea. Simply include clues in your tales for your active followers to collect in order to solve a puzzle and win a reward or be included into a grand prize lottery. Just remember to publicize the existence of such a game so that you can keep your audience occupied.

Use your competitors’ most appealing hashtags.

You may learn about your competitors’ most popular hashtags by looking at their Instagram stats. Use your information to your advantage and use your competitor’s hashtags to reach their audience.

Share “Secret” Photos with your Fans

Do you want to make your brand more human? Send exceptional photographs to your followers that offer news about specials or discount codes for your brand. You’d be shocked how many people will respond just out of curiosity if you post a photo that says “follow for a unique secret photo.”

Begin a “live video follow” loop.

Why not combine a tracking technique with a live video feed if you’re willing to implement one? Follow the folks who are following you while you are recording for a specific amount of time. This will also prevent #followback photographs from appearing on your Instagram brand profile.

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