By Tyler Roberts

“When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.” -Albert Einstein

This is the time of the year when we can infuse our daily activities with adventure, exploration, and imagination in His beautiful world.

The wisest man to ever live, Solomon, told us in Proverbs 17:22 (TPT) that “A joyful, cheerful heart brings healing to both body and soul. But the one whose heart is crushed struggles with sickness and depression.” Chemically speaking, our designer created us with endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin, AKA: “happy hormones” that are emitted during physical activities and fun. They actually combat the “stress hormone,” cortisol. How often does a laugh or a fun game in the midst of a stress-filled day completely shift your mindset from one of despair into one of excitement and peace? It can completely dissolve all of your worries that can so easily tailspin your day into a disaster.

I would like to propose that God’s design of play and imagination are essential factors that allow us to experience a full and lively relationship with Him. It is the antidote to our stress and anxiety, which stifles our ability to abide with the Father. We do not have to be taught to play because it is innate in all of us. From the very first time, our mother hides her face in her hands and throws them open, shouting: “Peekaboo!” babies respond. They immediately smile and are drawn into the play.

I firmly believe that when we genuinely participate in child-like play it is evidence that we are walking in child-like faith. It screams to others that we know without a doubt that He is our Provider, our Sustainer and that all things work for the good of those who truly love Him. I am convinced that when we throw the ball, swim, or even just enjoy the presence of our Daddy we create the very sinews that help hold together the relationship of a Father and a Son, both in the spiritual and the natural.

I have always imagined Jesus reaching over the side of the boat and splashing Peter or John as they sail the Sea of Galilee. They probably cracked jokes about the day as they sat by the fire. As serious and deep as many of Jesus’ teachings are, the gospels are also peppered with His witty and sly remarks to Pharisees or other challengers that we often can’t help but smile and laugh when we read.

Our Father is still, even today, having such a sense of humor with the way He communicates with us. The other day a wonderful lady was giving Lauren and I a word from our God and in the middle of the word, He told her to tell us to “Buckle up kiddos!” How fun and exciting for us to receive that we’re on the edge of a new adventure!

Father, I ask for enjoyment of our days with child-like play that can deepen our appreciation of others and especially You. I cancel stress and worry and ask that you bless us all with fun experiences and unexpected adventures in our lives from now on! Amen.

So I encourage you to crack jokes with your peers, take a jump-shot next time you have some trash to throw away, and maybe even laugh with God.