Games Inbox: Will Sony have an E3 2021 conference?

Sony has a long history of skipping E3, but it does have a track record of holding one big press conference each year. Sony’s last E3 conference was in 2011, and it was a big one, with a very large booth. Sony has also been known to hold pre-E3 conferences through its PlayStation network, but those tend to be smaller, and don’t typically feature new hardware announcements. Sony’s Tokyo Game Show conference is, in many ways, the E3 conference of the gaming world.

If you’re a PlayStation 4 player, then you probably paid attention to Sony’s E3 conference this year. It looked like Sony is putting their foot down and turning down the volume on the fanfare around their PS4 plans. They announced no new games for their currently mid-generation console, and even for the next generation console, it was basically a confirmation that the PS5 will have no games.

word-image-18693 Is Sony really not holding a conference this month? (Photo: DPA/PA Images) Tuesday’s inbox is still unsure whether or not there will be a Switch Pro, and one reader is unimpressed with Watch Dogs: New Legion DLC. To participate in the discussion yourself, please email [email protected]. Clash of the titans Interesting to see all the E3 coverage. I didn’t know it was that close, but to me Sony is the one to keep an eye on, and we still don’t know if they will be there. There won’t be one this year, but will Sony have a conference this month? That’s what I think, since they have a lot to show for it and always like to reserve the last word when it comes to Microsoft. My guess is that when Microsoft announces a date for their conference, Sony will immediately host theirs, which will be within days or weeks. (A launch on the same day immediately following Microsoft’s would be too much like trolling, even if it is their traditional place). But what will Sony show? Especially since we just saw Horizon’s Forbidden West? God Of War: Ragnarok is the most obvious option, but if Sony is really making a new IP, this is a good time to do one of their usual setups, announce a bunch of games that look really good, and win E3 for another year. Plus, Microsoft can now fight fire with fire by releasing trailers for games you won’t be able to play for a few years. I guess that’s why I want Sony to have a conference so we can finally have a fair fight. I hope we get it. The fly in the ointment No Talk I enjoyed your article on Nintendo’s E3 predictions, and many of them seem achievable, but how on earth does a company this big manage to keep its cards so open all the time? Nintendo are nerds, writers and gaming geniuses rolled into one, and it seems almost impossible to infer anything special from them. Either they pay insane amounts to keep their employees and their loyalty (I don’t think they pay more than other software companies), or they have the most intense non-disclosure agreements in company history! Normally most large companies leak new product information like a sieve, especially in the internet age. So how can Nintendo remain so secretive? The secrets certainly contribute to some interesting discoveries, and I hope the information about the Switch Pro turns out to be true, but what’s even more enticing is the plethora of games, including Zelda: The expectations for Breath Of The Wild 2 are enormous. But we’ve been waiting for a lot of different games, and Nintendo really needs something to counter the new machines from Sony and Microsoft and the hype around them. Let’s go to E3! ZiPPi The socket I don’t know why, given all the credible rumors, but I never believed the Switch Pro existed. I think it’s because it sounds too good to be true. Too powerful for a Nintendo system meant only for minor upgrades. DLSS, 4K, USB 3.0, Ethernet port, larger screen They even fixed the footrest! Who are these people and what have they done to Nintendo! I expect it to be expensive, at least £350, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t sell for that price, given the popularity of the standard model, assuming it’s backwards compatible. But there must be a catch. Nintendo always finds a way to ruin something with an unintentional error, but I’m not sure that’s the case here. In my opinion it has something to do with exclusivity. They make an important game exclusive or relegate it to the regular Switch…. or something. Bayonetta 3 seems like an obvious choice, but Metroid Prime 4 and Zelda: I also see Breath Of The Wild 2. If the Switch is reduced to backwards compatibility but runs like a dog, many people will be legitimately unhappy. Tolly Please send your comments by e-mail to: [email protected] I think leaks have been more common than actual announcements in recent years. Sometimes I think publishers like to tout their future releases in advance, but I’m sure Nintendo’s Switch 2.0 leak wasn’t scripted at headquarters. It always seems to be the retailers too, which begs the question: Why should they know the release plans for your device before you announce them to the general public? The new material will be available in a few months at best. Does Amazon really need to know that? Owen Pyle (NongWen – PSN ID) GC: Retailers obviously need advance notice to organize their operations and deliver their supplies, with larger companies having a higher priority – although they obviously don’t care much about secrecy. The makers of Watch Dogs: Legion adds a Rugelite mode with zombies, and it’s kind of a half-finished early access that they want fans to give them feedback in terms of balance, difficulty and everything else? Can you think of a better illustration of the creative bankruptcy of major publishers? All the pictures of the book in one small download! Have they ever thought of designing a game themselves that they think is a good idea? When was the last time you heard Nintendo or Sony developers ask fans how to make their game, only to release it half-heartedly because… I think even fewer people would be interested in Watch Dogs if they took the time to play it out? It seems to me that the gap between publishers who publish content and those who actually care about making video games with any artistic merit is widening by the day, and invariably the biggest companies – Ubisoft, Activision and EA – have the blandest and least consumer-friendly ideas. You would think that sometimes they make games just because they love games (arguably EA does that sometimes). Wotan Moving Forward I agree with the reader’s review of Mass Effect 4. It was fun to play old games, but they show their age in many ways besides the graphics. That’s fine, even Mass Effect 3 is almost a decade old, but the new game should focus on improving on what they’ve done so far. On this basis you can develop a better game that would not have been possible 10 years ago. They don’t have to recreate scenes from the original games, they just have to be a little different. Pandering to nostalgia – the effect of The Force Awakens – and confusing optimization with improvement are two big mistakes many big-budget sequels make. My other concern is that they will try to rehabilitate Andromeda and not just forget what happened (which would be very easy since it’s a side story). One of the aliens from Andorra, or whatever their name is [Angara – GC], seems to be in the trailer, and we don’t need it. I hope for the best, because the Legendary Edition is a great set of remasters, but there are a lot of potholes to work around. Lothar Post Management I really hope this year’s E3 will be like the old days, at least in terms of announcements. However, I fear that there will be virtually no hands-on sessions and probably very few interviews, so the editors will be able to say whatever they want without providing evidence. This year, you don’t have to hide your PC under your desk and pretend the game is running on your console. This is still better than last year and hopefully a sign that things are starting to get back to normal. Who knows? There might even be games coming out this year! Galen

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A new version of When I saw the pre-release footage of Resident Evil Village, I had this idea that I would be running into a huge mansion and a besieged village, saving the inhabitants, etc. Well, it almost happened, but after I played it a few times and passed all the difficulty levels, there was a final boss waiting for me, a mini boss, then another final boss….. And so on to infinity. And in between there were annoying waves of stupid enemies that just ran away or attacked you. But once we’re away from the village, from Moro, Donna and Angie, the game gets out of hand. The factory part bored me, but the best part was the pointless fight with Heisenberg that seemed to come straight from another game. While I hated this game in Normal and Hardcore mode, it becomes one hell of a game in Shadow Village. Why did the developers think it was funny to take away all the weapons and skills you’ve earned and put you in a [redacted – GC] that takes a century to reload? A boss fight where you can’t retreat but you can visit the shop before the fight, why? What’s the point if you can’t use anything from the store, at least at first. Then it becomes Call of Duty and another final boss and mini boss, the fight yawns for a while. It’s like the last third of the game was a hybrid of Wolfenstein, Call of Duty, etc. It was extremely stupid. I hope next time Capcom makes a decent, honest survival horror without constant boss fights and with more interesting characters. Let’s hope so. Steven GC: For a game you clearly didn’t like, you did play a lot of it. I just played the Scarlet Nexus demo on PSN and it’s absolutely insane and brilliant in equal measure, I can’t wait to see the full game. Life is ruined There are so many things on Nintendo’s list of possible games at E3, but I hope they have some new IPs too. What excited me the most was the rumor that there would be a bouquet soon. Scotty This week’s news is introduced by reader Purple Ranger, who asks which game you think has the best artwork. Next weekend is the start of E3. In this week’s Hot Topic, we ask the obvious question: What do you hope and expect from these announcements? Hope and expectation are probably two very different things, especially this year, but what do you think will be first revealed or detailed at E3? What would you most like to see and why? What major announcements can you expect in terms of new devices, company mergers, new services or price cuts? Please send your comments by e-mail to: [email protected] The fine print New inbox updates appear every weekday morning, and special updates on weekends in the Hot Topics folder. Letters to the editor are valued and can be edited for length and content. You may also submit your own 500-600 word letter to the editor at any time, which, if used, will appear on the next available weekend. You can also leave your comments below and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter. MORE games coming soon: Scarlet in Horizon Forbidden West, Days Gone 2 Demand and The Last Of Us Part 2 Moral. PLUS Hot Topic of the weekend, part 1: the best art design in video games. PLUS Hot Topic of the weekend, part 2: the best art design in video games. Follow Metro Gaming on Twitter and email us at [email protected]. You can find more stories like this on our games page. word-image-6737

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PlayStation at E3 2021?

The Sony PlayStation has been around since 1994, making it one of the older game consoles around. And while the PS4 and PS4 Pro were discontinued in March of this year, the PlayStation brand continues to hold a special place in the hearts of many gamers. Since then, Sony has remained cagey about its plans for the future of the PlayStation brand, and E3 is traditionally a time where Sony reveals its strategy for the future of the brand. However, the past few years have been fairly quiet—no Sony conferences or E3 press conferences. So, is Sony at E3 2021? While we don’t know that for sure, we think Sony is pretty likely to have a big E3 conference in 2021 to bring us details on their next-generation hardware, like their first next-gen console and maybe even the gaming VR headset. If not, they’re likely to announce the PS5 and games at least.

Where can I watch E3 2021?

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3, is in full swing and today we have a roundup of all the rumors and leaks that have emerged from the event so far. The rumors suggest that Sony will likely keep its usual conference, which occurs in late June and early July, during E3 2021. (In that case, the rumor would hold true, and the event would be held in Los Angeles.) The Electronic Entertainment Expo is a giant gaming event that takes place every year in June. The event is driven by the press and media, and it’s also where the industry spokespeople announce the official plans of the upcoming year. But a lot of people are excluded from the event, and will not be able to witness what Sony and Activision have planned for this year’s E3.

Will there be an E3 2021?

While Sony has yet to officially announce any of its E3 conferences, a representative for the company has left the door open for a 2021 edition. Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this year, Sony’s Kenichiro Yoshida said “we’re always considering on-site surprises.” According to the BBC , Yoshida said “If we have an event, it would be either 2021 or 2023, and of course we would like to have a PlayStation presence.” For the last few years, Sony has held a massive press conference to reveal the next-gen of PlayStation hardware. The conference has traditionally been held in June, and this year it’s just a little earlier than usual, on May 25.

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