How The Mandalorian Sets up a Boba Fett Spinoff Series

Star Wars: The Mandalorians make important changes in the canon of the galaxy far beyond the galaxy and add basic compounds or Easter eggs to the stories of history with each new episode. The last episode of the series is certainly no exception, an episode that ensures the official return of the protagonist of the original trilogy. Spoiler for Mandalorian Chapter 14, Tragedy, below! Look, only if you want to know! The episode brought back Bob Fett (Temura Morrison), who was incredibly teased in the first of the second season. Now that Boba Fett has officially returned to the Star Wars universe – and has revealed more details about his journey – he may have made a good joke about the long line of Disney+ predecessors around him.

In this episode, Boba Fett crossed paths with Dean Jarin/Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) on the planet Taiton while trying to help Grog/Baby Yoda reunite with other Jedi. The partnership between the two men encountered some obstacles, in particular the dean’s refusal to believe that Bob was in fact a Mandalorian because he could not confirm that he was following the Mandalorian faith. In the ensuing battle against Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) and his shadowy troops, Bob Dean proved his identity – both through his belligerent grip and through the chain code hidden in his armor. The episode also provided a much broader context for Bob’s return to the series – he stayed (apparently) on Tatooine during the years he was thrown into the Sarlacca pit when the Jedi returned, lost his armor to a group from Java, and somehow seized his Slave I ship and the ever-growing list of weapons and armor along the way. He also crossed paths with sniper Fennek Shand (Min Na Wen) and rescued her after she was left for dead in season 1 of Mandalorian on Tatooine.

How exactly did Bob Fett’s status quo change? How did he end up in these new arsenals and battle in the universe? At this point, there’s no sign… …which justifies the Bob Fett series even more. Because it was placed as a precursor of the Mandalorian calendar, the series could follow any period between 3 ABY and 9 ABY and record exactly what happened to Bob in this period. Not only will the series be able to answer all questions about how he was able to return so completely to The Mandalorian, but it will also reveal other facets of Bob as a character that fans could only see fleetingly. In addition, it could help repair many of the Star Wars canon elements relating to Bob and the Fat Family, either by forging a new location or canonizing parts of the Legendary Estate.

Will you hope Bob Fett’s Star Wars prequel series becomes a reality? Share your thoughts with us in the following comments!

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