It’s in our nature to search high and low for a good deal, especially in real estate and the stock market.  We’ve all heard the comment, “Buy low, and sell high.” Of course, that’s just common sense. In real estate, whether it is a place to call home, investment property or a business location, everyone wants a good deal when it’s time to buy.  Conversely, property sellers are looking for the best margins too, unless perhaps they are overly extended and cash flow is shrinking. That’s the time many sellers who are holding multiple properties may be more inclined to accept a lower purchase price.

But we’ve all heard that real estate is in short supply, and great deals are almost non-existent.  Ultra-tight markets, brutal bidding wars, soaring prices and ramshackle structures. Well, let’s not believe everything we see on the Internet and television, shall we?  And if you’ve started looking for a place to call your own, you might be feeling pretty discouraged right now, but here’s some hope. Folks are selling or willing to sell reasonably priced, relatively ready to move in homes in lovely places all around the U.S.

The key is hiring a certified professional and experienced REALTOR® who is knowledgeable of the market in which you seek to buy.  While they might be invisible to many people, skilled agents customarily do extensive research on local housing trends. Even if you seek a particular home and a rock-bottom price, knowing where to find one can consume countless hours unless you explore the market as a part of your daily routine.

Yes, there still are great deals on wonderful homes out there for you.  Are they hard to find? Undoubtedly. Best way to find them? Simple . . . hire proven talent.  Get a qualified and experienced real estate agent.

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