Across 12 Sectors and Beyond

The month of May is filled with many occasions to celebrate. The most noteworthy celebration of all is the day we honor those who gave birth, stepped in, fostered, adopted, surrogate and yes spiritual mothers. We celebrate graduates in their achievements as they embark on their next level of endeavors. We celebrate the new season with all of its summer holidays. We prepare for proms, weddings, vacations, cookouts, pools opening and so much more. It’s time we work to get in shape physically, spiritually, and mentally.

The month of May is also National Mental Health Awareness Month. Mental health is a subject that carries a stigma for many. This stigma is often crippling to those who suffer. The families and communities are also affected by it. In many cases, the challenges we face with mental health could be prevented or at least better managed.

In the same way, we get wellness checks for physical health to prevent illness and disease; mental health care is also worth the time and resources to experience mental and emotional wellness. As a mental and behavioral health practitioner for almost 20 years, I hear people say, “I don’t need to go to counseling, I’m not crazy.” I don’t like the term crazy. My response to this is, “the wise person will seek counseling to keep from going crazy.” Many marriages might have survived had they been open to talking with a professional, a pastor or a marriage and family therapist. Caregivers may benefit from a mental health practitioner for assistance in dealing with children and adolescents with behaviors that challenge us as parents, educators, pastors, youth leaders, etc. Then there are those who fall victim to bullying, suicide and homicide ideations, negative body image. Still, there are those who deal with drug, alcohol or internet addiction.

I could go on and on. I will end on this note. I’d like to address 12 sectors in search of mental and emotional wellness for the next 12 months. For example mental and emotional wellness in:

The Pulpit to the Pew – Faith

Center State to Back Stage – Entertainment

The Board Room to the Break Room – Business/Corporate

Paula Christian-Stallworth

The Listening Ear LLC