Is Star Trek 4 Happening? Will Chris Pine or Hemsworth Return?

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Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, Zachary Quinto and director Justin Lin attend a press conference and photo shoot prior to the screening of Paramount Pictures’ Star Trek Beyond.

Star Trek 4, the next installment of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek universe, has been on hold for several years. From time to time, rumors circulate that the film is being redeveloped. However, no concrete progress has been made since 2016.

At this stage, there are so many rumors about what might happen to Star Trek 4 that it’s hard to follow what’s really happening with the film. To make it easier to digest, here’s a chronology of what happened to the film and what’s happening now.

2009-2016: The success of Abrams’ previous films

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In 2009, Abrams created a brand new Star Trek universe. Although Star Trek used familiar and beloved characters, the plot turned away from the TV series by creating an alternate timeline, known to fans today as the Calvin Timeline.

Despite Trek fans’ fears of a reboot, Star Trek was an overall success. The Washington Post did a meta-analysis of every Star Trek movie – except Star Trek: In addition, what has not yet been published – based on the evaluation of fans and the results of the tills. The publication notes that Star Trek Abrams is one of the most financially successful Star Trek films and has received the most positive reviews from Star Trek fans.

This success led to two more films, Star Trek: In the dark and with the stars: Next. In Darkness was well received by fans and was even more obnoxious than its predecessor. Beyond, however, has not been a blockbuster or fan success, reports Forbes.

2016: Abrams announces Star Trek 4

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Shortly before the release of Beyond Abrams announced that the next film is already in the works, reports ScreenRant. He revealed that the film will have a father-son story, with Chris Pines Kirk dating his father, played by Chris Hemsworth. The plot was especially interesting to Star Trek fans because Kirk’s father died in the first Abrams film. Bringing it back to life thus implies very interesting space-time mechanics.

J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay, who worked on the screenplay for Beyond, are expected to develop the story of the new film.

2017: The stars said they were in the dark.

Chris Pine and Patty Jenkins in Wonder Woman and Star Trek | CinemaCon 2017 | MTV News Director Patty Jenkins talks about not being afraid to make Wonder Woman vulnerable. Chris Pine talks about Chris Hemsworth’s future in the Star Trek franchise. #MTVNews #CinemaCon #WonderWoman #StarTrek Subscribe to MTV News: Read more from MTV News : Official MTV news site: Like MTV news: Follow MTV news: MTV Google+ news: MTV…2017-04-02T16:00:05Z

In an interview with MTV at CinemaCon 2017, Pine was asked about Star Trek 4. He said if anything happened to him, he would be the last to know. Pine went on to say that he is happy to take on the role and work with the cast again. However, he indicated that he did not know where the project was located.

Zachary Quinto in Star Trek Rumors and His New Movie Aardvark | Actor’s Day Zachary Quinto has starred in more than 50 films and television series – including the role of Spock in the latest Star Trek series. He now joins Al Roker and host Gloria Estefan to talk about his new film Aardvark – Mental Illness and what’s next for the Star Trek series….. 2017-04-21T16:30:00Z.

A few weeks later, Zachary Quinto appeared on the Today Show to promote another film he was working on: Aardvark. He told the hosts that he had heard they were working on a script for Star Trek 4. Quinto went on to say that if he hopes there will be another movie, there are no guarantees.

2018: Star Trek 4 had a script and a director.

Simon Pegg: Mission Impossible because it’s impressionistic in timeThe faces that make up Mission Impossible are the sin of the Benji interpretation of Simon Pegg, who laments that Terrace behaves like a saga of what we hoped for and humility with Mission Impossible : Impact. Síguenos en Facebook como

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed in spring 2018 that Paramount is working on Star Trek 4, as well as another Star Trek movie with director Quentin Tarantino.

In June 2018, Zachary Quinto appeared on the podcast Happy Sad Confused with Josh Horowitz. When asked about the future of the Star Trek franchise, he confirmed that there is movement. He said he met the man he auditioned for, S.J. Clark, but he hasn’t read any of the scripts yet.

When Horowitz asked him to confirm which movie he was talking about, Quinto said he was talking about Star Trek 4 and confirmed that Hemsworth’s character would appear in the story.

Quinto went on to say that he is looking forward to the sequel because he wants to further explore the Spock character and work with the cast again.

When Horowitz asked about Tarantino’s film, Quinto was vague. He replied that the project was presented with the same distribution as Beyond follow-up. However, he said that no contract had been signed for the film and certainly nothing would have happened without him.

Around the same time, Simon Pegg, who starred in Mission Impossible and was one of the co-scriptwriters, spoke with Fanatica del Sine to promote his new film Mission Impossible. When the publication asked about Star Trek, Pegg confirmed that Star Trek 4 already had a script and a director.

He also stated that the Tarantino project is completely separate from Star Trek 4, although it is supposed to bring together the same actors. Pegg said he thought Tarantino’s project was still a few years away from launching on the big screen.

2018: Failed negotiations with distribution members

Would Chris Pine be interested in a role in #StarTrek 4? #TIFF18

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In August 2018, the Hollywood Reporter announced that negotiations with Pine and Hemsworth for Star Trek 4 had failed. The publication stated that the two conductors were unhappy with the salary the studio offered them to take over their roles. According to their sources, the studio tried to convince the two actors to take pay cuts after Beyond’s poor performance.

Later that month, Karl Urban, who played the role of Dr. Leonard Bones McCoy in the Calvin Timeline films, appeared at a Trek convention and said he was confident everything would be in place soon for Star Trek 4. reported that Urban said that all the actors involved in the films really want to move on to the next installment. He went on to say that the studio needed to be ready to make a deal and that he was confident it would happen.

In September 2018, Pine told Variety that he would like to return as Captain Kirk and that he was expecting a call.

However, following contract negotiations, production of Star Trek 4 was halted.

2019: Star Trek 4 was cancelled, thenwas cancelled.

In January 2019, Deadline accidentally dropped that Star Trek 4 had been delayed. The details were mentioned in a small entry in an article about Clark, the director involved in the film, who has moved on to other projects. Paramount has not officially confirmed the cancellation. However, the studio has been silent about the film for most of 2019.

In May 2019, Hemsworth told Variety that salary disputes weren’t the only reason he decided not to return to Star Trek 4. He revealed that he didn’t like the script and wouldn’t take on the role if he wasn’t excited.

In November 2019, Variety reported that a brand new writer and director, Noah Hawley, is attached to the project. The release also indicated that all the lead actors from previous films should return for the Hawley film. They also felt that the plot would be different from the previous version of the scenario that was circulating.

The change in scenario may have been an attempt to bring Hemsworth back to the table. Or maybe the script was changed because Hawley wanted to make it his own. In any case, Variety pointed out that the film will continue with a different story. The release also revealed that the film Hawley was working on was completely separate from the Tarantino film that was still in development.

Simon Pegg on the new movie, the upcoming series, Anton Yelchin, the future of Star Trek | GOLD DERBYCollaborative editor Riley Chow interviews Simon Pegg on the 19th anniversary of Star Trek. Whistler Film Festival. He talks about his next projects, Anton Yelchin, and the future of Star Trek. GOLD BANG DESCRIPTION: CONNECT WITH THE GOLD BANG: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Newsletter: ABOUT THE GOLD BANG The Golden Derby features celebrity videos more…2019-12-23T04:11:51Z

To further complicate matters, rumors began to circulate that the Hawley scenario was not Star Trek 4, but another project from the Star Trek universe. In an interview with Gold Derby, Pegg seemed to imply that the Enterprise team involved in Beyond will not be returning to the film Hawley is developing.

At the end of 2019, it looked like Star Trek 4 development had been cancelled and a new Star Trek movie was being made.

2020: Hawley went in a different direction

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In January 2020, Hawley revealed to Deadline that his film may not have the same cast as Abrams’ previous films. He told the publication that he was presenting his film with a new cast, but that it was still early. He admitted that they hadn’t understood everything yet, specifically whether one of the actors would return from the Otherworld or not. He also confirmed that his film project will not be linked to Alex Kurtzman’s Star Trek projects: Picard and Star Trek: Discovery.

Hawley has indicated that he wants to go back to what he loves about Star Trek while respecting all the previous material.

2020: Star Trek standby.

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In the summer of 2020, a senior Paramount executive told Deadline that his top priority was to know where the Star Trek movies were going. The publication pointed out that Hawley’s film may have been shelved because the plot was about a pandemic, which was considered too risky a subject given the state of the world.

By the fall, a decision seemed to have been made. In September 2020, Hawley told Variety that his Star Trek project had been put on hold for some time. He insisted that the project was not stopped, but admitted that he did not know when it would continue.

A month later, Hawley told Deadline that it doesn’t look like Paramount wants to move forward quickly with its Star Trek project. He said the studio seemed to be going in a different direction with the Star Trek franchise.

An interview with Pine in December 2020 confirmed speculation that Star Trek 4 had been made for good. Pine says he has yet to see a Tarantino or Hawley film script.

He said: I have no idea what’s going on in Star Trek land. ”

However, he said he would like to work with Tarantino again and do Kirk’s portrait.

2021: Are there any Star Trek movies in the works?

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Although Hawley’s film is still on hold and Tarantino’s film is still in limbo, neither project has been completely cancelled at this stage. However, the Star Trek universe seems to be focused on television for now.

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