James Gunn Isn’t Happy with The Suicide Squad Going Straight to HBO Max

Not only Christopher Nolan is unhappy with WarnerMedia’s recent decision to debut in all his HBO Max films in 2021. It appears that James Gunn, the director of the Suicide Squad, would be unhappy with the studio even after the announcement of the attack last week. But it soon becomes clear that this decision can become a counterbalance, as A-list talents from all over the world are angry at the studio for various reasons.

According to a new report, WarnerMedia has announced that next year in 2021 its entire newspaper will appear in cinemas and on HBO Max on the same day, without any warning to talented people and agencies. James Gunn and others were blinded by this announcement. Despite the fact that Gunn, known as the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy films, is considered a platform diagnostician, also say that he was not satisfied. Apart from the lack of warning, compensation in all directions is ultimately at stake here.

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Talents such as directors and actors have complex contracts for major films such as Suicide Squad. Talented persons on list A are usually paid a large amount in advance. Transactions often have disadvantages. This means that if a film is well distributed, the talent can count on another large income. Thanks to HBO’s maximum release strategy, an enormous amount of potential cash for the whole of 2021 will undoubtedly be taken off the table. And the studio did not review the agreements with the talents involved in one of these films before the announcement.

Part of the story is that in 1984, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gado again ended discussions before the announcement in the movie HBO Max and each of them would have received more than $10 million in additional compensation. In the case of the Suicide Squad, there is an army of A-list talents alongside James Gunn, including Margot Robbie, Idris Elba and Viola Davis, to name but a few. Gunn is not the only one annoyed by John M. Chu (On Heights), also known as the unfortunate party. A talented agent who chose to remain anonymous should have said so.

They had a ten-year legacy known as the most talented studio. You have now moved from here to the studio, which has a sign illuminated in the colours of the starry sky: We’re not interested in talent.

The advertising has sent shock waves through Hollywood, and the dust hasn’t settled yet. Legendary is also preparing a lawsuit to prevent Dunes and Godzilla from being included in the deal against Kong. The legendary company financed about 75% of the two large-scale projects. Netflix also stated the rich Godzilla vs. Kong market for, what Legendary wanted, but WarnerMedia put an end to it. It remains to be seen how this will turn out, but it will be dirty, that’s for sure. This news is coming to us through a Hollywood reporter.

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