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SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA – John Laird was sworn in as state senator today. He represents over 900,000 voters in the 17th Riding School. Senatorial district stretching from the southern district of Santa Clara to Santa Cruz, the coastal and southern districts of Monterrey and south of San Luis Obispo, including the majestic national monument of the Carrizo plain. After being sworn in this afternoon, Laird is one of nineteen other newly elected or re-elected senators. The ceremony differed considerably from the traditional swearing-in ceremony due to the requirements of the KOVID-19 distance. The Capitol, which remains closed to everyone except key personnel, is not open to friends, family or employees.

I am ready to address the many important issues facing the different constituencies of the 17th century, said Senator Laird. With the effects of climate change devastating our coasts, forests and the health and safety of all people in our district and beyond, we should not waste a minute to build resilience to climate change. The devastating effects of VIDOC-19 on human health and the economy also need to be tackled urgently. My priority is to ensure that the vaccine is widely available when it is, and to work on short-term economic assistance for the most vulnerable Californians.

Senator Laird: The diversity of our district reflects the diversity of the many issues beyond climate change that need to be addressed in a targeted way. Race justice, access to quality healthcare and education, affordable housing and economic recovery from the VIDOC 19 pandemic will be priorities for me and my team. As a former locally elected civil servant, legislator and secretary of a government agency, I see many opportunities to improve the lives of the people I have been elected to represent through existing programs, ordinances, budgets and laws.

Before the swearing-in ceremony each senator was tested for KOVID-19, and of the forty seats in the hall there were only twenty senators – the rest of the senators were scattered at the back of the hall. Senator Laird read the opening prayer on behalf of Sister Michelle Gorman, the chaplain of the Senate, who could not be present because of a married couple. In addition, the pro tempore Speaker of the Senate, Tony Atkins (D-San Diego), was re-elected for another term as pro-topic.

Senator Laird also announced several important state positions:

Capital Office :

– The Chief of Staff is Richard Stepler (former Vice President of Public Affairs of the California Dental Association and Assistant Secretary of the California Natural Resources Agency).

-Legendary Director – Michelle V. Reyes (former political analyst for the California State Assembly)

-Planner -Jenn Short (former California State Senate and State Assembly Planner)

County office:

-District Director – Angela Chesnut (former Chief Assistant to the Governor of Santa Cruz District, strategic advisor).

A full list of the staff of Capitol Hill, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Santa Clara and San Luis Obispo will be published soon.

More information and updates are available at

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