Los Angeles Angels not rebuilding, ‘on the cusp’

Anaheim, California. — Perry Minasyan had never been interviewed for the CEO position before joining the 40 candidates hoping for the Los Angeles Angels position last month.

The 40-year-old GM Braves assistant has completed several rounds of long interviews and made it to the finals. After lengthy discussions with owner Arta Moreno and the management of the Angels, Minasyan took responsibility for setting up a big-budget register, which eventually earned Mike Troelle his first play-off victory.

During his official performance at the stadium on Tuesday, Angel Minasyan described the audition process in Halo as somewhat tiring.

That’s not bad for a baseball player who has been waiting for this opportunity since he was a batter of the Texas Rangers at the age of 8.


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If you start asking me baseball questions, you better sit down and get comfortable, Minasyan said.

The 13th. CEO Angels already has a good picture of the immediate future of the company, which is the result of five consecutive seasons of losses and the worst period of two years in terms of percentage victories in almost three decades. Los Angeles finished last season under manager Joe Maddon at 26:34 and couldn’t even reach the eight-team AL play-offs, which forced Moreno to lay off GM Billy Eppler two months after extending his contract.

Where some may see frankness in confusion, Minasyan sees an opportunity.

One of the things that makes this job so fascinating is not the team that lost 100 people, Minasyan said. This is not a 5, 7 or 10 year refurbishment. It’s gonna be a competitive club. I think it’s a great mix of veterans and a certain youth on the horizon, and apparently the manager speaks for himself. I think he’s one of the best managers in baseball. This whole organization is about to do big things.

The insulting talent of the Angels is obvious: Trout and Anthony Randon are two of the top baseball players, along with veterans Justin Upton and Shohei Otani, and young men David Fletcher, Jared Walsh and Joe Adell. The trout was contracted until 2030 and Moreno consulted his superstar for $426 million before hiring Minasyan.

But the Los Angeles field wasn’t good enough to win steadily during Trout’s tenure, and Eppler’s inability to strengthen his staff was perhaps the biggest challenge of his half-decade in government. Last season, the Angels 5.09 ERA was the third Horst in AL, while the ERA starter combination was the second Horst in baseball.

According to Minasyan, throwing is mainly one of the angels’ plans for the winter. While praising Dylan Bundy and Andrew Heaney, whom he considers to be solid instigators, he intends to continue the improvement.

Pitching is a necessity, Minasyan said. We need to develop pitching, and we need to add pitching to that top league list. We know that. We’re going to turn over every stone to find the right people.

Minasyan also praised Angel Serve coach Mickey Callaway, who played for Rangers, while Minasyan cleaned the club’s toilets, among other things.

I think in the short time they’ve been here, they’ve made people better, Minasian said of Callaway and bull coach Matt Weise. And there will be opportunities to take hands that may have fought in different places.

The Angels have been in the playoffs since 2009, and Moreno hopes that his fourth GM position can put an end to the frustration caused by a lost decade of ruthless contracts with veterans of the team and poor player development. Moreno said he wanted to leave his fortune to his team, his salary in Los Angeles wouldn’t drop.

We don’t think we should reposition the whole team, Moreno said. We need to add a few pieces that will allow us to compete at the highest level.

Minasyan also had encouraging words for his two-way dreams of Otani, who in the last two seasons has hardly served by injuries to his hands. In 2018, the AHL rookie of the year faces growing speculation about the possibility of pursuing a career as a single hitter, but Minasyan is not ready to do so.

He was beyond talent, said Minasyan, who was looking for Otani in Japan. He can do on a baseball field what 99% of people can’t, and he’s a young player who’s had his ups and downs at the beginning of his career. … I think he’ll be an integral part of this club. I think he will help us win the races in many different ways and I am looking forward to meeting him.

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