‘Major Changes’ Coming For Niners Following Losing Streak

The San Francisco 49ers have been struggling as of late, losing four straight games and having a record of 2-8 so far this season. In spite of their struggles though, the team has remained optimistic about the future.

The “the athletic” is reporting that the “Major Changes” are coming for the San Francisco 49ers following a losing streak.

San Francisco 49ers trade rumors

Getty The San Francisco 49ers are 2-0, but they may need further skill to win the NFC West.

The San Francisco 49ers’ season is officially over after four consecutive defeats.

If the Niners’ 2-4 record with their bye week behind them wasn’t proof enough that it’s do-or-die time in San Francisco, head coach Kyle Shanahan’s remarks after the team’s 30-18 defeat at home to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, October 24 only added to the case.

The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami laid down what became evident based on what Shanahan said and didn’t say in his postgame presser – that substantial changes are likely on the horizon. It might determine the coach’s future in the Bay Area, according to Kawakami.

“Shanahan is baffled as to why the 49ers are unable to move the ball, defend a long pass without incurring a penalty, or finish games. “He had hoped for so much more,” Kawakami wrote in his Sunday essay. “Now he has a lot of hard work ahead of him to attempt to mend things. And this losing run has thrown his whole tenure under the spotlight, exposing him to more criticism.”

The analysis of Kawakami continues.

“Things must change.” “As soon as possible,” he wrote. “Of course, Shanahan isn’t going to say that the depth chart is open right now. He wasn’t going to bench Jimmy Garoppolo for Trey Lance in front of the whole team, particularly because Lance’s damaged knee held him out of this game and it’s unclear if he’ll be able to play in Chicago on Sunday. None of this would be revealed immediately after a game. However, if you are familiar with Shanahan’s manner and can decipher what he didn’t say, you may deduce that major changes are on the way. “There’s a lot on the table.”

Shanahan Hasn’t Committed to a Quarterback Switch

Shanahan’s statements regarding his quarterback position, notably those made when asked whether Garoppolo will start against the Chicago Bears on Halloween, were the first and greatest indication that changes are more or less inevitable.

“I’m guessing that’s the case. First and foremost, we’ll look at this film to check whether the players are healthy. “This is where all of our men are,” Shanahan said. “It was great for Jimmy to be able to play this game after being fit.”

Last week’s flip-flops by the Niners’ coach may be theater.

Shanahan had more to say about who would start as quarterback in the near future as the week progressed.

On Monday, the head coach changed his mind.

During a conference call with NFL media, Shanahan remarked of the brewing quarterback crisis, “I get all the inquiries.” “However, it’s much too early to consider simply getting men experience and skipping the year.” I’m trying to do what’s best for our squad, as well as those guys. Not just Trey, but also the other men. Getting experience solely for the sake of getting it isn’t always a good idea.”

Shanahan may have had a genuine change of heart in a single day. However, given the fact that the Niners’ head coach has shown to be a master schemer — both as an offensive play designer and in his encounters with media members throughout the course of his NFL career — he may have just decided that it was in everyone’s best interest to pose for a bit.

One thing his words made apparent is that if Shanahan believes the Niners’ season is over, Garoppolo will be replaced by Lance. Lance, on the other hand, may be cast in the lead part much sooner.

He will undoubtedly do so as soon as the coaching staff in San Francisco deems he provides the club a greater chance to win than his seasoned rival. Shanahan and colleagues may already decide Lance is the best choice after Garoppolo’s disastrous, three-turnover performance against the Colts on Sunday in the rain.

But, if Lance isn’t well enough to go Sunday, what’s the purpose of stating it publicly? When the sole option to replace Garoppolo is career backup and Niners third-string quarterback Nate Sudfeld, there’s no need to turn him into a lame duck quarterback in a vital mid-season game.

Later in the week, Shanahan said that if Lance was well enough, he would play against the Bears. That doesn’t mean he’ll take over for Garoppolo, since the rookie has seen action outside of his one start against the Arizona Cardinals, which he earned due to a calf injury sustained by Garoppolo in a Week 4 home loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

“I believe we’ve replaced a lot of people throughout the course of these four games. “So I’m not going to do something extreme right now,” Shanahan said after the defeat on Sunday. “I’ll go look at the film and see what I can, and maybe get a few more players (who are healthy) this week.” I’ll investigate what will offer us the greatest chance.”

Whether Shanahan is posing or not, another defeat or two will force him to make significant adjustments. If he fails to make the required adjustments, and the Niners do not return to competitive status for the remainder of the season, it is possible that the coaching staff, beginning with Shanahan, will bear the burden of radical changes.

The “arden key raiders” is a term that has been used to describe the San Francisco 49ers. After a string of losses, some major changes are coming for the team.

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