New York Jets GM Joe Douglas shoulders blame while backing Sam Darnold, Adam Gase

Despite a record 0-8 and a historically failed attack, New York Jets general manager Joe Douglas wants coach Adam Gayes and quarterback Sam Darnold to be part of the future organization.

I have no problem with him being our best quarterback and our best quarterback for the future, Douglas said Tuesday in a mid-season video call to reporters.

Douglas’s remarks will raise eyebrows, as pitches could be number one in the 2021 draft, and the supposed leader is Clemson’s quarterback Trevor Lawrence. His feelings for Darnold, which he describes as very talented, will not prevent him from becoming a quarterback. A lot can change in five months.

In the second year GM also supported the gas, which for a long time was not a fan. His record for jets is 7-17.


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I have to do a better job for all these coaches and players, Douglas said. The hope is that we can solve these problems together and stay here together for a while.

When asked whether he thought the Geys were part of the solution, Douglas replied: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Just so we’re clear: This doesn’t mean it’s safe to work in Gaza. Director General Christopher Johnson, not Douglas, will decide the fate of Gaza. Despite constant speculation, it is unlikely that this will happen before the end of the season.

Douglas, who spoke to the media for the first time since early September, took the blame for perhaps the worst season in the history of the franchise system. He has said several times that he needs to better equip his coach and quarterback with talent.

Surprisingly, Douglas openly admitted that he had miscalculated the market value of Robbie Anderson’s wide receiver, which the jets had lost at the free desk. Anderson made a one-year career with the Caroline Panthers after signing a two-year contract, $20 million, and the jets could barely replace him.

I think what went wrong between us and Robbie, we thought Robbie would be even more valuable when he drew in Carolina, Douglas said. At least it’s my fault. This will give us a head start. … We don’t want to lose any good players.

Darnold struggled in the third season with a quilt patchwork, which raised questions about his long-term future. By May, the jets are expected to decide whether or not to use their five-year option (2022), which is estimated to cost $25 million.

Douglas is very fond of Darnold’s lace, but there could have been poses. When the jets land and decide to take a quarterback, they try to maximize the business value of Darnold.

Sam is an ultra-talented quarterback, and I can’t say enough about his toughness and stamina, Douglas said. After all, I have to make life easier for Sam for talented people.

Jet planes meet the Patriots of New England Monday night, in an attempt to avoid the first start of the 0-9 franchise. Douglas said that the entire organization was disappointed with the results, but expressed hope for the future. The jets have nine predictions for each of the next two rounds, with eight predictions for the top three. According to Mr Douglas, the emphasis is on the development of actors.

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