Nintendo Provides New Update on Joy

Nintendo has provided a new update on the Joy-Con controllers. The company will be releasing a software update for the Joy-Cons that will allow them to be used in conjunction with the Switch Pro Controller, which is currently sold separately.

The nintendo joy-con repair cost 2021 is a new update on the Nintendo Joy-Con. Nintendo has released an article that explains that they will provide free repairs for their device as long as it is within warranty.



After years of largely quiet from Nintendo on the continuing Joy-Con drift issue that many Nintendo Switch users have experienced, the Japanese game giant has issued a fresh update on the matter today. While this update does not guarantee that Joy-Con drift will no longer be an issue for many Switch owners in the future, Nintendo has said that it will continue to “enhance” the controller. 

Toru Yamashita, Nintendo’s Deputy General Manager, gave some further explanation regarding the present status of the Joy-Con controllers in a recent interview released on the company’s website about the introduction of the new Nintendo Switch OLED Model. Yamashita went on to say that Nintendo has worked to enhance the longevity of Joy-Con thumbsticks over time, particularly since the Switch’s first release. “Because Joy-Con controllers have so many functionality, we’ve been working on enhancements that aren’t always apparent. The analog-stick components, for example, have been constantly enhanced since launch, and we are currently working on enhancements “Yamashita said. 

Yamashita elaborated on the changes, stating that Nintendo attempted to rebuild the thumbsticks in order to make them more robust. Furthermore, he said that the internal testing that Nintendo performs to ensure that the Joy-Con achieve a greater degree of authenticity have been enhanced. “Because the components of the Joy-Con analog sticks are custom-designed rather than off-the-shelf, we’ve gone through a lot of thought in order to enhance them. We also enhanced the dependability test itself, and we’ve been making tweaks to increase durability and pass this new test “he said “When the impacts of our enhancements were verified, we quickly implemented them in the Joy-Con controllers that came with the system, Nintendo Switch Lite, and those that were offered separately at the time. Because they are internal Joy-Con components, you can’t see the changes from the outside, but when we fix them, we utilize the newer versions of the parts. Similarly, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller has seen constant upgrades as well.”

At the end of the day, Nintendo stated that no matter how hard it tries to enhance the Joy-Con thumbsticks, they would continue to deteriorate over time due to normal wear and tear. Despite the fact that there may be no final answer, Nintendo said that it is “continuously addressing” the issue and would only continue to iterate in the future. 

How does this new warning from Nintendo sit with you if you’ve encountered Joy-Con drift on your own Nintendo Switch in the past? Do you believe Nintendo is making enough effort to address this prevalent issue? Let me know what you think in the comments section or on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

The joy-con drift lawsuit is a lawsuit that Nintendo has been facing. The case was filed by the parents of a child who died due to the Joy-Con drifting off of his body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nintendo still fixing joy cons for Free 2021?

Yes, Nintendo is still working on fixing the joy cons for Free 2021.

What does updating the joy cons do?

Updates the joy cons to be able to detect game controllers.

Is Nintendo still replacing Joycons?

Yes, Nintendo is still replacing Joycons.

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