NXT Champion Finn Balor Retains in Chaotic Ending to TakeOver Vengeance Day

Tonight’s first match was between NXT champion Balor of Finland and Pete Dunne. In the beginning of the match, Balor tried to get Dunne out of his rhythm, which he succeeded in doing for a while. Dunn would also frustrate Balor a bit by locking him in a leg lock aimed at Balor’s face and jaw. Dunne threw himself into the jawbreaker as he pressed him against the ropes by the shoulders, then Dunne began to twist Balor’s fingers, blocking him slightly, and continued with another blow to take the champion down.

Balor locked in a fight, focusing on his right hand, but Dunn quickly reversed the trend by trying to get him to wear a bracelet, though you can see the effect of Dunn’s fight as Balor won in pain and held his jaw. Dunn then made another withdrawal, concentrating on Balor’s left arm and hand, but Balor was able to free himself for a moment. Dunn clamped down on Balor’s head, trying to restrain him with his fingers, and Balor kept trying to free himself from Dunn’s grip.

Dunn then went to Balor’s arm and dug into his shoulders and joints in Balor’s hand. He then kicked Balor right in the ribs and as Dunne was preparing for another attack, Balor stepped on his leg and was able to block Dunne in the grapple and prevent him from using another grapple on Balor.

Balance maintains his balance and tries to hyperextend Dunn’s legs to avoid damaging his knees. Dunn attacked Balor’s left arm and broke the hold, but Balor trampled him again and tried to lock in a Crab.

Dunn turned the tables and took down Balor, but Balor took aim at Dunn’s knee and the damage was showing, with Dunn’s leg and knee. Dunn was banished and then Balor was thrown out of the pin. After a clothesline Balor took him down, Dunn was sent off.

Balor continued his assault on Dunn’s leg and knee, hitting Dunn three more times in the back of the head. Then he lifted Dunn up and hit him on the back of the head. Then he got into position and Dunn seemed to want to step aside, but he grabbed Balor’s fingers and slammed them on the carpet, giving him the distance he needed.

Balor returned to Dunn with heavy blows, knocking him into a corner. Dunn responded with hard blows, but Balor dodged another move and jerked onto Dunn’s lap. Dunn ducked and threw Balor to the ground. He punched Balor in the face before delivering a headbutt to the jaw and a powerful bomb that nearly ripped the brooch off.

Dunn continued to attack, but Balor responded with a series of attacks, with a drop kick to Dunn’s knee, followed by another drop kick that stunned him. Balor tried an overthrow, but Dunn locked Balor in and threw elbows to Balor’s head. Balor grabbed the rope, but Dunn brought it back to the center of the ring.

More attacks to the jaw and Balor goes back to the ropes. He was unconscious, but his leg was still in the ropes, so he wasn’t unconscious yet. After an examination by the official, Balor said he could continue and Dunn punched him in the face. Balance offsets himself with a jab but Dunn has his fingers crossed. Balor is suspended with a sprained lower body from Dunn.

Balor lost his grip and Dunn went after the redhead and injured him again. Balor continued to trample Dunn, but he was stopped by Balor and then hit him with the Bitter End. He pinned him, but Balor kicked him out just before #3.

Never leave your fingers unattended when @PeteDunneYxB is present.

This #NXTC championship match on @WWENetwork is a pure masterclass in technical wrestling! #NXTTakeOver @FinnBalor pic.twitter.com/LGE7rZaGHm

– WWE Network (@WWENetwork) February 15, 2021.

Dunn kicked Balor’s finger twice and then kicked him in the head. Dunn tries a time bomb but Balor moves the other way. Dunn kicked him, but Balor responded with a kick to Pele. Dunne wanted another Bitter End, but Balor turned around and they both ended up on the mat. Dunn didn’t let go of Balor, and Balor stepped on Dunn’s injured ankle. Dunn slapped Balor’s finger again, and Balor stepped on Dunn’s ass.

Balor removed Dunn’s mouthpiece and then slammed a Double Flick into Dunn’s face. He then hit a Coup de Grace on Dunn and dragged him to the center of the ring. He went there for 1916 and covered it, securing the win and the continuation of the NXT Championship.

Balor was attacked by Dunne, one of the Lorcais, and Danny Burch, but the ERA came to his rescue. After clearing the ring, Kyle O’Reilly told Balor to trust him and they all lined up like they were going to make their mark together, but then Adam Cole shocked everyone with a super kick to Balor’s face, followed by a super kick to O’Reilly’s face.

The official description of the NXT TakeOvers Revenge Day can be found below.

This year, Valentine’s Day becomes a day of revenge as NXT takes over! Finn Balor defends his NXT title against Pete Dunn, women’s NXT champion Io Shirai takes on Tony Storm and Mercedes Martinez in a three-way match, and North American champion Johnny Gargano puts his title on the line against Cucida. Also, don’t miss the finals of the Dusty Rhodes men’s and women’s team classics! Taking control of the NXT : Revenge Day takes place this Sunday at 7:15 on the award-winning WWE Network.

Here’s the full map:

Amber Moon and Shotsie Blackhart vs. Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Chi (Dusty Rhodes Women’s Tag Team Classic Finals)

MSK vs. Grizzled Young Veterans (Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals)

North American NXT Champion Johnny Gargano vs. Kushida

Io Shirai, NXT champion, against Mercedes Martinez and Tony Storm (Triple Threat)

NXT champion Finn Balor versus Pete Dunn.

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