Koda Bear was born December 2, 2014. He was brought home to the family of Donna Schreckengost in January of 2015. Koda Bear is a Siberian Husky who loves playing, running, and daily walks around our neighborhood or nearby park. He has a very independent spirit, which we love, but can get him in trouble from time to time. He is very smart, as he knows if I put on my ball cap, a particular jacket, or sunscreen, he begins running around the house “yelling and talking,” as he knows we are going for a walk!  

In 2014, Donna’s youngest son left for college, leaving Donna and her husband Steve as empty nesters. Her husband did not like the sound of silence in the house so they adopted Koda Bear. They say it was the best decision they have ever made. He brings so much love and happiness to their home. When Donna leaves the house, she is welcomed home with “yelling” and puppy kisses. Donna said, “You would think I had been gone for days.” When Donna’s son returned from U.S. Marine boot camp last January, Koda Bear jumped in to his arms and could not contain his excitement to see his brother again.  He is loyal and expresses his unconditional love with an amazing display of affection. Koda Bear makes friends easily and is always told what a beautiful dog he is by everyone he meets. 

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