Pooch Perfect: Sheridan Smith helps out in new episode first look

Sheridan Smith at Winnie the Pooch Perfect with contestants Lahey and Tom.

Sheridan grunts as she cleans up in the latest episode of Pooch Perfect (Photo: )

Sheridan Smith is more than willing to get his hands dirty the first time he sees another episode of Pooch Perfect.

Last Thursday, the first episode of the new dog grooming show Pooch Perfect aired, with viewers describing it as the perfect antidote to these difficult times.

Hosted by West End star Sheridan, the show pits one professional groomer against another to see who can do the best coat on different breeds of dogs.

In the first exclusive episode of season 2, shared by Metro.co.uk, Sheridan looks to get involved when she takes charge of a pack of very large and furry Alaskan Malamutes.

In the clip, Sheridan interacts with competitor Lahey who wears a face and hair protector.

Very tempting. Do I have one? Lahey asks him.

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Yes! You don’t know? I’ll get it for you! And now Sheridan responds by rushing to grab the net from him.

We can play a game, Lahey explains, as Sheridan comes out of the net at the edge of the Alaskan Malamute’s bathtub.

In another clip from the show, Sheridan decides to help clean up while dog groomer Tom is busy with his canine client.

Hi, Tom. I should clean this up a bit for you, huh? Sheridan says he’s holding a shovel and a brush.

Without worrying about his fancy outfit, two pints of lager and a bag of chips, the actor gets down on his knees and sweeps the hair off the dog…. and the boy out – a lot!

Sheridan Smith and contestant Tom in Winnie the Pooch Perfect.

Sheridan loves to help clean up while the makeup dogs get to work (Photo: )

In addition to grooming Alaskan Malamutes, the second episode of Pooch Perfect will feature four groomers responsible for giving some furry pups their first adult haircut.

Later, puppy owners will admire the new look of their puppies when they see them on their walks.

In the first installment of the contest, three contestants demonstrated their grooming skills on dogs of breeds like Shih Tzu and Poodle.

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It was recently announced that Pooch Perfect is coming to the United States, with Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson hosting.

Having launched the show in his native Australia, Rebel will be joined by reality TV star Lisa Vanderpump as one of the three judges.

Pooch Perfect continues tonight at 8pm on the 1st.

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MORE: Rebel Wilson teams up with Lisa Vanderpampos for the American Pooch Perfect dog care series.

MORE: Viewers of Winnie the Pooch Perfect in the UK praise Sheridan Smith’s dog grooming as the perfect antidote, despite criticism from the RSPCA.


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