Predicting the Chicago Bears 2021 Schedule

Normally, football fans would expect the NFL schedule to be released in a few days, since it’s already mid-April. However, the 2020 schedule has been moved up a few weeks from the usual schedule due to COVID-19-induced hazards. The NFL has a 17th pick in 2021. Game added. This development has made it difficult for planners to publish this year’s schedule on time.

Now that the games will be released in their entirety in the second week of May, all fans can do is wait. Meanwhile, fans can enjoy the NFL Draft in 21 days.

Even though there isn’t a game plan for another month, that doesn’t mean the Bears shouldn’t have fun building their plan. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do. First of all… Who are the Bears’ opponents in 2021?

2021 Counterpart

The Chicago Bears will have an inconsistent number of home and away games this year due to the 17-game schedule. The NFL decided that the NFC would play more away games in odd-numbered years and the AFC would play more away games in even-numbered years.

NFC North (6 games)

The usual suspects home and away.

Startpage Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings Detroit Lions
Away Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings Detroit Lions

NFC West (4 games)

However, the NFC North teams play the four teams from the other NFC divisions in a three-year cycle. That’s why the Bears are headed to the NFC West this year.

Startpage Arizona Cardinals San Francisco 49ers
Away Seattle Seahawks Los Angeles Rams

AFC North (4 games)

Similarly, the NFC North teams play the four AFC divisional teams in a four-year rotation. The Bears won the AFC North championship in 2021.

Startpage Cincinnati Bengals Baltimore Ravens
Away Cleveland Browns. Pittsburgh Steel Mills

Internal conference (2 sets)

For the most part, NFC North teams are playing against their counterparts (in the standings) from other NFC divisions they shouldn’t be playing in. This season it will be the NFC East and NFC South teams.

Because the Bears finished second in the NFC North in 2020, they play the respective teams in those divisions that finished second in 2020.

Startpage New York Giants
Away Tampa Bay vans

Fault (1 set)

Therefore, this is the 17th game added to the list. For this match the same rule applies as for the matches within the conference. The only exception is a team from an AFC division. This year, the NFC North was merged with the AFC West.

But the Bears also face a runner-up in this division.

Startpage N/A
Away Las Vegas Raiders


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*Certainly valid for players 21 years of age and older in Illinois and Iowa.

Schematic forecast

Now comes the fun part. Although more or less random planning, this exercise requires some logic and a good understanding of the NFL. In the NFL, for example, there are always divisional games in the last week of the season.

Without further ado, here’s an attempt to map out the Chicago Bears for 2021.

Week Date The opponent
1 9/12 against the Cincinnati Bengals.
2 9/19 against the Arizona Cardinals.
3 9/26 in the steel mills of Pittsburgh.
4 10/3 to the Seattle Seahawks
5 10/11 against the Minnesota Vikings. MNF
6 10/17 with the Detroit Lions
7 10/24 against the New York Giants
8 10/31 WEEKLY
9 11/7 with the Green Bay Packers NFS
10 11/14 against the Detroit Lions
11 11/21 against the Baltimore Ravens. MNF
12 11/28 with the Los Angeles Rams
13 12/5 against the San Francisco 49ers.
14 12/9 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. TNF
15 12/19 with the Cleveland Browns
16 12/25 against the Green Bay Packers sb.
17 1/2 with the Las Vegas Raiders
18 1/9 with the Minnesota Vikings


Clearly, making a logical calendar is harder than it looks. This is not trivial at all. In this case, however, this time frame was not easy to establish. It took a little research over the last 10 seasons to find some trends and patterns in the NFL game plan (as far as the Bears are concerned).

NFL planning is an art and a science. The human factor and the computer have to work in sync to make all the games work. Congratulations to those in the league offices who were responsible for creating one for all 32 teams.

As for this game plan, Andy Dalton will (presumably) face his former team at Soldier Field in Week 1. Who said no?

What if the Bears had five games on prime time again? Yeah, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, considering how bad they’ve been in the spotlight lately. But given their best games this year, they could still be tied. Especially for the big chains who like to be super critical of the Bears and pile on the misery. If you want to make fun of the Bears and their fans, this is for you….. and you know who you are.

So, Bears fans, the question is… What do we do with this potential calendar? What would you change and/or what would yours look like? Let us know in the comments or by commenting on Twitter.

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