By Pat Cavanaugh

Feed the hungry and help those in trouble, then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be bright as noon.

Isaiah 58:10

Throughout the Bible, God encourages us to help our neighbor with whatever resources we have. For Baby Boomers, we were more than encouraged to be involved in our communities In fact, if we weren’t, it was hard to advance. Personally, I helped not because I had to, but because I enjoyed being involved, and being of service to my neighbors and communities.

At one time, it was nothing to see managers of Kmart and Kroger working side by side in civic groups like the Jaycees, Rotary, and Kiwanis. Unfortunately, that spirit of community involvement by major companies and their managers rarely exists now. There are exceptions. In our community, there are still owners like Scot Ward, who gives a portion of his profits back to the community. He also encourages his employees to be involved. In many cases, he pays their dues, if they are required.

We are blessed with many volunteer groups who are willing to help the needy or to support community projects. From time to time, you can read about their good deeds in this paper. Everyone is welcome to support their work and participate in his or her outreaches. For more information, please contact Awake Coffee Co, 862 N Main Street NW in Olde Town Conyers, or call 678-392-2400. Please ask for Toni or Alexandra. These folks will help you figure out how you can get involved in helping our community. They can also provide resources if you need assistance.

I have always believed that the good Lord rewards any effort to assist a neighbor. In fact, I am a living testimony of that thought. I encourage you, if this is of interest to you, to be a helping hand today, in whatever way presents itself. It is deeply satisfying and richly rewarding. For those that are currently volunteering, God bless you even more.

Till next time