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ATASKADERO – Since 2003, Sustainable Ag-Expo has been at the forefront of providing first class educational materials for farmers, researchers and consultants. Each year at Ag Expo and the International Summit on Sustainable Viticulture, the latest research and technology in viticulture is presented by the world’s leading experts to help professionals compete in an ever-changing business landscape.

This year’s virtual format provides access to a wider range of topics and speakers who will be present on 9 and 10 November. November to December 4, with over 25 hours of live and recorded content. During these four weeks, registrants will have easy access to all content; this is a positive development in the fight against the pandemic, allowing students and professionals to show valuable flexibility during an already busy period of the year.

Registration is now open for Ag Expo 2020, said Chris Beale, executive director of the winery team.  Because of the COVID 19 pandemic, we had to give up our personal event quickly, but we find it a big advantage to keep it online. The virtual format gives us just that much flexibility. Instead of compressing all presentations into 3 days, we can offer an even wider range of course content over time to dig a little deeper. In addition, our speakers come from all over the world, including Tasmania, New York and Pennsylvania. We now have speakers who can visit the exhibition without having to fly through the country, and registrars can access valuable content for a whole month at will.

Experts from all over the country will participate in the online exhibition to take part in the full program. Topics include climate adaptation, leaf curl and red spot, supply and demand of grapes, invasive insects, biocontrol of Pierce’s disease, irrigation technology, root production, regenerative agriculture, biochar, gender management technology, co-existence of vines and hemp, weed control, healthy tillage and sustainable marketing.

The event offers more than 15 hours of training in the pesticide management department and more than 20 hours of work by the CE-certified agricultural advisor. Full access to all live and recorded content costs $345 per four-week period. For more information or to register, please visit or send an email to [email protected].


You can view this year’s session here and see what updates will be published in the coming months:

Airman and red block disease: What’s going on? And what can I do?

Marc Fuchs, Professor, Department of Plant Disease and Microbiology, Cornell University.

New climate map of Australia for the Australian wine industry

Dr. Tom Remigny, Climate Research Scientist, School of Technology, Environment and Design, University of Tasmania, Hobart Tasmania.

Delayed detection – threat from California.

Dr. Heather Leach, Assistant Professor of Entomology, University of Pennsylvania.

The economic sustainability of Californian grapes

Jeff Bitter, president of allied winemakers.

Management of foetal leaf virus in the vineyards of Lodi and the Central Coast

Dr. Kent Dane, Co-operative Counseling Specialist, University of California Berkeley.

Cultivating the revolution – the health of the soil, the vine and the wine.

Dr. David Montgomery, Professor of Earth and Space Science, University of Washington.

Smoke development in wine and vines

Glenn McGurty, retired consultant, Lake and Mendocino County, Fern.

A vineyard of past, present and future: What are we going to do about agriculture?

Dr. Kaan Kurt, junior specialist at the University of California, Davis.

Biokhar: Soil corrections to improve vine performance and long-term carbon sequestration

Dr. Douglas Beck, a researcher at Monterrey Pacific Inc…

Agricultural hemp in a wine country

Dr. George Cellu, Program Coordinator, Instructor, Santa Rosa Jr.

Can wine-growing be ecologically sustainable without disease-resistant grape varieties?

Dr. Andrew Walker, Professor, Department of Oenology and Viticulture, University of California, Davis.

Biological control of Parkinson’s disease using endophytic bacteria

Steve Lind, Professor, Department of Plant and Microbial Biology, University of California, Berkeley.

Weed control in vineyards: Problems, challenges and opportunities

Dr. Anil Shrestha, Professor, Plant Production Department, KSU Fresno.

Admissions and dismissals at UC Cooperative Enlargement – status and influence

Dr. Wendy Powers, Assistant Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources, United Kingdom.

Larry Bettiga, agricultural consultant for Monterey County.

Dr. Clifford Omart, Omart Consulting Services.

Industrial research : Is there a problem? Be part of the solution!

Donnell Brown, president of the National Alliance for Grape Research.

About a team of winemakers from Atasquadero: Inspired by the desire of farmers to learn and evolve towards sustainable viticulture, Team Vineyards has been an internationally recognised leader in the sustainable development movement since 1994.

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