ROCKDALE COUNTY, GA – To improve services and guide the future development of programs and facilities, Rockdale County is conducting a strategic parks and recreation master plan. The master plan is a comprehensive approach to outlining goals, identifying new opportunities, determining project phasing, and setting the framework for development and maintenance of facilities, offerings and services. A major component of this process is public input, which includes a community survey.

“The survey gives residents an opportunity to help the county update its park system,” said Recreation and Maintenance Director Sue Sanders. “Public input is crucial in determining the future direction and goals of our parks and recreation division.  This plan will become part of the county’s comprehensive plan as well as the overall strategic plan and vision for the county moving forward.  In addition, input for a greenspace in the proposed Judicial and Government Complex is part of this survey.”

Rockdale County is using the consultant team of Lose & Associates, Inc. to prepare the proposal. The planning process included staff interviews, discussions with county officials, community needs, and two public information sessions.

“The survey is very important and we welcome the valuable input of our citizens,” Sanders added.

The survey will be open through March 23rd.  This link takes you directly to the survey:

For more information, please contact Jason Redmond, Deputy Director of Parks and Recreation Operations at (770) 278-7257.