Ronaldo 84 – 62 Man United, Messi 11

The epic evening of Champions League football yielded some convincing results. Cristiano Ronaldo was replaced from the Camp Nou, scored two penalty points and helped Juventus to the top position in the group against Barcelona’s Lionel Messi. Manchester United won in the Red Bull Arena, were completely defeated by the RB of Leipzig, almost made a ridiculous comeback and were eliminated from the Europa League.

Elsewhere in the 16th century Lazio arrived. Tour to Dortmund Borussia, after surviving a late lead of the club in Bruges. Oh, and the PSG against Istanbul Basaksehir was dropped for alleged racism.

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Here are the best stats for the night:


Juventus is the first Italian team to score more than three goals in the UEFA competition against Barcelona.


Dortmund Borussia’s Yusuffa Mukoko is the youngest player ever to play for the club, at 16 and 18 days of age. Mukoko broke Celestina Babayaro’s old record for 67 days.


For the very first time FC Barcelona scored two goals in the first 20 minutes of the home match of CL.

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For the second time since 1999-2000, the Lazio Region has reached the stage of elimination of CL. A common link between the two campaigns? Simone Inzaga – then the player, now the coach.


For the first time since April 2003, Manchester United has admitted more than three goals in consecutive Champions League games (both in Real and Madrid – someone remembers the brilliant hat-trick of Ronaldo in the second of those games).


Capa Arrizabalaga have missed seven goals in their four appearances for Chelsea this season in all competitions, as much as Edward Mundy and Willie Caballero scored in their 15 games together in 2020-21.


Chelsea has won ten penalty points in all leagues this season, more than any other Premier League team, with eight of them scoring (at Lester’s level).


Since his debut for Manchester United in February, no player in the top five European leagues has scored more penalty points than Bruno Fernandez (level 13 with a certain Ronaldo).

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Barcelona broke CL’s record of 13 seasons to complete the group stage, taking first place. The last time Barcelona failed to win CL was in 2006-07, when they were ousted by Liverpool in the round of 16. This season Chelsea took first place in the group of Barcelona.


For its part, Juventus has already won the CL group 14 times, most of them with an Italian club. In the last three seasons of KL they have taken first place in their group.


Gianluigi Buffon, 42, currently plays CL in the 17. Only three players played more (20 – Iker Casillas, 19 – Ryan Giggs, 18 – Ronaldo). And he celebrated with a clean slate.


In their 3-2 defeat against RB Leipzig, Manchester United scored 19 goals. United also ensured that nine of them hit the target, while they scored four times in Leipzig.

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33, 38

After an impressive 3-0, Barcelona broke two big records. The first is a record number of 33 home games in the KL group stage (last defeat, October 2009 – Rubin Kazan) and 38 home games in the KL group stage (last defeat, May 2013 – Bayern, Munich).


And now the headline. Messi versus Ronaldo. Ronaldo versus Messi. Two candidates for the Goat met for the 36th time. For the first time between them (at club and country level), and so the situation now looks like a head-to-head – Messi’s team has won 16 times, Ronaldo 11. Messi scored 22 points (no more at night) and Ronaldo 21 points (two at night).


Ronaldo is the first player in the history of KL to have scored two penalty points in one match against Barcelona.

11 to 8

Messi took 11 penalty points the day before, three more than the entire Juventus team. Juventus scored four goals (Ronaldo scored three, while another striker, Weston McKenney, scored four). Massey got an incredible seven.


We say it’s incredible because Messi’s display of 7 shots and 0 points is the highest number of shots on goal ever scored by a player in a CL game without a goal (at least since 2003-04). 7 Messi has fired essentially the same number of shots in the past 11 seasons (in other similar games he has scored more than 2 goals).


Ronaldo now has 13 consecutive sentences, the CL record. This is not surprising, given that Messi is the only person who deserves at least 13 punishments. (Messi got a total of 15 points, Ronaldo 19).


It’s a small achievement. Today, Kamp Nou is the stadium where Cristiano Ronaldo scored the most goals in his club career (14).

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Ronaldo scored 20 goals in Barcelona (34 missions), his fourth goal was equalized with each opponent (with Chelta Vigo). The three clubs against which he scored the most goals are Seville (27), Atletico Madrid (25) and Getafé (23).


In 2020, Ronaldo has already scored 40 goals, including international goals.

84 vs. 62

Do numbers say a thousand words? Number of goals scored after the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson – Ronaldo 84, Manchester United 62.


Another statistic that shows how hard Messi worked at night. Messi had 125 hits throughout the game, most of which came from all players. And 77 more than Ronaldo.


Ronaldo increases its lead at the top of the CL points table to 132. These are more CL targets than AS-Roma. Massey’s in second place, apparently out of 118.


Ronaldo’s goals in the club’s career are now number 650. Six hundred and fifty.

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