“Running Man” Members Poke Fun At Each Other In List Of Petty “Resentments” For Year-End Episode!!

The casting of SBS’s Running Man has removed any ambiguity in the last episode of the 2020 series! On episode 27. In December, the next New Year’s Eve film was released, starring Yoo Young Seok, Lee Young Hee, Soo Young and Yoo Tae Oh from Girls’ Generation.

The artists have enjoyed themselves.

Before the visitors introduced themselves, as it were, the Running Man was informed of cases where they felt frustration or anger towards each other in 2020. From the beginning, the actors said that nothing had happened, but before they did, they lined up at the corner to list all their grievances.  The liquidators took the opportunity to mock each other, fool various people and make jokes instead of expressing real grievances.

The members of the Running Man exchange their small complaints before the last episode of the year: !!!!

Among the few charges brought against Kim Jong-kook, there is no idea how he can keep his solidarity under control. He doesn’t think until he suspects people and gets me out if I’m a government agent. Besides, he only loves his little girl and only burns money for her. (It’s about the nonexistent little girl, an old joke in Running Man). Se Chan is secretly arguing with him, despite his good will. He is, of course, an agent of the government, but he escaped the doubt because of his power.

The members of the Running Man exchange their small complaints before the last episode of the year: !!!!

Under Ji Suk Jin’s insults it says that if there is no camera and he has no mouthpiece, he will not talk to us and greet us unconditionally. He pretends to be a family man. He takes out the hair that fills her ears. HaHa recorded: He says we should get a drink, but he never marks the calendar. He acts too formal towards us, and when I was working undercover, he pointed out that if I wasn’t honest with him, he’d keep his mouth shut. I pointed this out to him and he immediately told everyone else and tore off my unofficial ID card.

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The list of insults was long!!!

Lee Kwang Soo is known for his general appearance, from his looks to his drawings, from his long hair to his great height. One of the models was: It could grow to a height of three meters [about 9.83 m], but is also lethargic. Yoo Jae Suk also received comments about his appearance, but beyond that, as he tries to end the discussions quickly. His haircut is exhausting. After commenting on his teeth, Yoo Jae Suk grunted: It would have been weird if I had dealt with them.

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Tune Ji Hyo, for example, talked about his notorious lack of contact with various people: I sent her a message that she was afraid of our first bill, to which she didn’t really respond. She’s not getting any calls. One day I have to see the look in his eyes.

Yang Xie Chan started saying: He says he has a meeting at Big League Satire, has been on guard for two hours and hasn’t called me back. said Kim Jong-cook with a doubt: He may have a mistress. Others have said: We climbed the mountain together and he demanded that we take the wrong path, which was the wrong path, but he let me go first. He looks like an octopus. He prefers Jung So Min and doesn’t want to admit his feelings. (The last one was Ha Ha, who also invented the gossip about Kim Jong-book’s mysterious granddaughter).

The members of the Running Man exchange their small complaints before the last episode of the year: !!!!

Joon So Min said: She lies too much. I can’t trust him. She’s so shady. She said she wouldn’t, but she’s actually bypassing the presumption of identity. It is capable of building multiple lines of worship. (The last one was Song Ji Hyo.)

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