Should I Do Cinema Advertising? Signs to Start

For years advertisers have been looking at different ways to get their ads seen by an audience. And as advertisers develop and discover better methods for visibility, audiences have gotten better and better at avoiding advertising altogether. With internet ad blockers and paid streaming services offering ad free experiences, businesses have to get creative as technology evolves. However, there are some forms of advertising that are timeless and foolproof ways to reach an audience. Billboards or ads on top of taxis may come to mind when considering which methods cannot be blocked out. However, cinema ads are still a great alternative to standard television or internet ads. If you are looking to target a specific audience (and a captive one at that), don’t overlook cinema ads.

What is Cinema Advertising?

If you have ever been out to see a movie, you are already familiar with cinema advertising. Cinema advertising is considered to be any ads that are shown before a blockbuster film or even a smaller art house film. They are typically pretty short ads that start playing as the audience is entering the movie theater and choosing their seats. A standard cinema ad will span between 15 to 30 seconds although they can go as long as a full minute. These ads can include a single image with music or voice overs. Some of them incorporate animated content. They are not completely dissimilar from a standard television ad as they can be used by national or local businesses.

How Does it Work?

Cinema ads can be purchased for all screens in a single theater, or you can choose to be more selective. You will also need to decide on the duration that your ad will run. This can vary by a few days or can even be up to several weeks. There are a variety of benefits to cinema advertising that you will not see with television ads or even billboard advertising. So, what are these benefits? Let’s take a look at why you should start using cinema advertising to boost your brand.

Why You Should Start Cinema Advertising

One of the main reasons advertisers love cinema advertising is the ability to target a specific audience. When it comes to billboard advertising, you can try to corner a market by placing it in the right location, but you are still going to be reaching a very broad audience. When you are doing a cinema ad, you know you are honing in on your ideal target. Consider not only the location of the theater, but also the type of film that is being shown. For example, when advertisers that want to target parents can utilize an ad that runs before a children’s film as you know the parents will be there too. Or if you have a young adult demographic, then anything Marvel will be a surefire way to reach 18–35-year-olds.

In addition to targeting your ideal demographic, you know up front that you have a captive audience with disposable income. Going to see a movie in 2022 is hardly a cheap night out. Movie tickets are expensive in and of themselves, but then you factor in snacks and drinks and things can get costly. This means cinema ads are effective at getting your product or service in front of people who are willing to spend money.

It is also known that moviegoers are more engaged with what’s happening on the screen than television watchers. Consider what you are doing during commercial breaks at home. When watching TV, the first thing we try to do is fast forward or skip through the ad altogether. If we are unable to avoid the ad, then this time will usually serve as a bathroom or snack break where we arrive back on the couch in time for the show to return. Or we just pull out our phones to scroll social media during commercials. Moviegoers are a captive audience. They are also excited for the immersive experience of going out to see a film. With no distractions in sight, your ad will be seen by everyone in the theater.

What Will it Cost?

When it comes to the cost of cinema ads, there are a few factors at play. The length of your ad, the market you show your ad in, and the films it will be shown will all be considered when determining cost. You will also need to consider the cost of creating the actual ad. If you already have an ad that is ready to be run, then you only have to worry about the cost of running said ad.

Cinema Advertising to Boost Your Brand

Overall, cinema advertising is a great way to advertise to a specific audience. With the wide array of demographics that go out to the movies, you should have no issues getting your product or service seen by the right people. 


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