SingularityNET Partners With Ocean Protocol As It Gears Up For Its Anticipated AI-Based DeFi Fund Launch

The cryptocurrency wars are coming to an end. With blockchain-based technologies like SingularityNET and Ocean Protocol teaming up, we’re seeing a new paradigm of decentralized, AI-driven platforms—and the tokenization of everything. At the center of this revolution is AI-based funding, and the launch of SingularityNET’s AI-Based DeFi fund is just around the corner.

SingularityNET, a decentralized marketplace for artificial intelligence and blockchain, has announced a partnership with Ocean Protocol, a decentralized marketplace for data, and the two will work together to create an AI-based decentralized finance (DeFi) fund. SingularityNET is expected to launch its anticipated DeFi fund in Q4 2019.

word-image-5745 Amsterdam, Netherlands, 18. May 2021, The first DeFi project ofSingularityNET, SingularityDAO, today announced its partnership with the leading decentralized data provider Ocean Protocol. As part of the partnership, the OCEAN token will be included in SingularityDAO’s index fund/investment portfolio. Moreover, SingularityDAO is designed to leverage AI on multiple levels: The AI manages dynamic tokensets, executes predictive market-making strategies to ensure liquidity of these tokensets on the DEX, and models predictive hedging strategies. All this AI needs a lot of data to learn and improve. SingularityDAO is therefore a natural user of Ocean datasets – datasets published through the Ocean marketplace (and other Ocean-based marketplaces) in the Ocean ecosystem. The ocean ecosystem contains many different and disparate records of trade and deFi. They are excellent candidates for use by SingularityDAO AI agents to improve financial modeling. I am very excited to be working with Ocean Protocol, one of the most respected projects in the crypto-currency space, which consistently delivers decentralized, community-driven data solutions. SingularityDAO will continuously use data to train our ML, and I can’t imagine a better partner than Ocean Protocol. – Marcello Marie, Managing Director of SingularityDAO This news follows the successful fundraising of a total of $5.2 million in three separate rounds for the much-anticipated Governance event at MANTRADAO, which reached the upper limit in less than 2.5 hours. The protocol, described as DeFi meets decentralized AI, held an event exclusively for SingularityNET $AGI owners and drew 5,800 registrations in one week. The sale of tokens raised $1.6 million (SDAO 8,000,000). The success of the governance generation event follows a recent private sale in which SingularityDAO received $2.7 million in funding from a number of leading investors including AlphaBit, Marshland Capita, GBV and SMO Capital. The SingulariyDAO management token was launched on the 13th. Can be generated and distributed on the same day. It is currently traded on Uniswap. About the SingularityDAO SingularityDAO is a decentralized platform managed by the SDAO token whose mission is to manage DynaSets. DynaSets are diversified baskets of cryptocurrency assets dynamically managed by artificial intelligence and arranged according to a protocol. SingularityDAO brings the financial sophistication of AI-driven funds to DeFi, using SingularityNET’s AI technology to navigate complex markets. On Ocean Protocol Ocean Protocol’s mission is to create a global Web3 data economy that empowers data owners and enables people to extract value from data to improve our world. Data is a new asset class; ocean protocol reveals its value. Data owners and users use the Ocean Market application to publish, discover and consume data in a secure and privacy-friendly manner.

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