Sources– Philadelphia Eagles trade QB Carson Wentz to Indianapolis Colts for two draft picks


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The Philadelphia Eagles have agreed to trade quarterback Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts for a third-round pick in 2021 and a conditional pick in 2022 that could become a first-round pick, league sources told ESPN.

The Eagles get the 85th pick. The overall pick in this year’s selection, and a conditional pick in the second round could be a first-round pick based on Wentz’s playing time, according to some sources. Wentz must play at least 75% of the Colts’ offensive line for a conditional 2022 pick to pass him in the first round, according to sources.

The pick could also go first if Wentz plays at least 70% of the snaps and the Colts make the playoffs. But the worst thing a 2022 pick can have is a second-round pick, which means the Eagles will definitely get two raw factors for Wentz.

The Eagles and Colts have spent most of the last two weeks finalizing a deal that won’t officially close until Week 17. March may be set when the new NFL year begins.

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The Eagles will take a $33.8 million hat trick – the largest hat trick ever taken by a team on a player – while the Colts will take the remainder of Wentz’s $128 million contract extension, including a $10 million guaranteed bonus that expires on the 19th. The month of March is planned.

Each team comes out of a deal with what it wanted on all fronts: Wentz will reunite with Colts head coach Frank Reich, his former offensive coordinator in Philadelphia, to help fill the void left by Phillip Rivers’ retirement, while the Eagles will likely turn to Jalen Hurts, though they also plan to compete with him. The Eagles’ starting position shouldn’t automatically go to Hurts.

Brand Wentz marks the end of an unexpected chapter and year for the Eagles. Wentz has gone from a former MVP candidate to a 2020 second-round rookie Hurts, while his relationship with former Eagles coach Doug Pederson has degenerated.

Wentz wanted out of Philadelphia – even though the Eagles hired former Colts offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni as their new head coach.

Thursday’s blockbuster also continues a tumultuous offseason for quarterbacks.

Less than three weeks after the Rams traded Jared Goff, the No. 1 pick in the 2016 draft, to the Lions for quarterback Matthew Stafford, the Eagles have now traded the No. 2 pick in the same draft to the Colts.

In June 2019, the Eagles signed a four-year, $128 million contract with Wentz, expressing their belief that he is the long-term answer at the quarterback position.

But the relationship deteriorated during the 2020 season, when Wentz ranked 34th in the NFL in percentage completions (57.4 percent) and first in interceptions (15) and sacks (50), despite being benched in the final four Philadelphia games in favor of Bolno.

Wentz, 28, was well on his way to becoming a star in Philadelphia after scoring 33 touchdowns and just seven interceptions in 2017 when he was crowned MVP before tearing several knee ligaments in December. The next season he suffered a stress fracture in his back, but over the next two years he scored 48 touchdowns on 14 interceptions.

But the rift between Wentz and Pederson widened; a source told ESPN’s Tim McManus that Pederson stripped Wentz of much of his control of the offense as injuries and losses piled up in 2020 and Wentz’s confidence in Pederson’s system waned.

Pederson was fired last month after a 4-11-1 season after he and owner Jeffrey Lurie couldn’t agree on a common vision for the future. But the hiring of Siriani did not change Wentz’s desire to leave Philadelphia, suggesting trust issues beyond Pederson.

The Eagles traded up twice in the project to select Wentz from North Dakota State, and Wentz confirmed the decision up front. He holds the franchise’s season records for number of completions (388), percentage of completions (69.6), number of passing yards (4 039) and number of passing TDs (33).

Wentz is also one of only six quarterbacks in NFL history with more than 20 assists and 10 interceptions or less in three consecutive seasons, along with Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson. He was named First Team All Pro and made his only appearance in 2017.

Tim McManus of ESPN contributed to this report.

frequently asked questions

What did the Eagles sell to Wentz?

The Eagles have agreed to trade Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for a third-round pick in 2021 and a conditional second-round pick in 2022, NFL’s Mike Garafolo said Thursday, according to an informed source.

Who do the Eagles want to trade against?


How much did the Eagles pay Carson Wentz?

Carson Wentz signed a four-year, $128 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles in June 2019 after an injury-plagued playoff campaign in which he completed 63.9 percent of his passes for 4,039 yards with 27 touchdowns, seven interceptions and a 93.1 success rate.

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