12x18_posters side 12 copy (1)Gospel Singer and Domestic Violence Activist Sherell Rosegreen to launch her book and stage playAbused Under His Charm.

Sherell Rosegreen was on the brink of a successful singing career when she met and fell in love with a charming man. She never imagined that the man she loved would become her worst nightmare.

She was beaten, humiliated, and abused. She was expecting her first baby when he threw her against a brick wall. Her baby boy, deprived of oxygen when the placenta ripped as a result of the beating, died in her arms five hours after birth.

But Sherell is a survivor, a fighter. She put him in jail and made it her life’s work, in addition to her singing, to reach out to women stuck in abusive relationships. In 2014, Sherell founded Inner-Scars organization a non-profit organization dedicated to helping victims of domestic abuse

Now Sherell, a popular gospel singer, has written a book & a stage play based on her experiences in an abusive relationship, offering advice, help, and support to women who need to reclaim their shattered lives from their abusers.

Entitled Abused under His Charm, the book recounts the story of “Martha,” whose downward spiral at the hands of her initially charming abuser cost her career, her friends, and her child, and almost cost her life. She ignored the concerns of those who cared about her, isolated herself from her dearest friends, and lost her self-esteem, until she finally hit rock bottom, gathered her resources, and came out fighting for everything she loved—her children, her friends, her faith, and her wonderful singing voice.

On Oct 3rd the stage play ABUSED UNDER HIS CHARM” will be held at 6:30pm at the Hope Redemption Worship Center at 2140 Salem Road, Conyers, Georgia 30013.

Also, from 12 noon to 4pm there will be free breast exams, blood pressure screening, brief physical exam, aids testing and nutritional advice.

To buy tickets visit www.bringingabusetolight.eventbrite.com, for more information about the event Visit  www.abusedunderhischarm.com