Steelers Should Target RB Chris Carson in Free Agency: Analyst

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Seattle Seahawks’ defenseman Chris Carson rushed to play football against the San Francisco 49ers at the 03. January 2021.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are coming off a season in which the team finished last in the NFL with a total of 1,351 yards. Fourth-year injured James Conner was the only Steelers to make a comeback in 2020 (169 carries, 721 yards, 4.3 yards per carry, six touchdowns), but he’s an unheralded free agent.

With the other three ball carriers on the list – Benny Snell Jr., Jalen Samuels and rookie Anthony McFarland Jr. – the average number of yards per carrier did not exceed 3.4 yards.

That’s why Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus suggests the Steelers sue the Seattle Seahawks with the help of Chris Carson in free agency.

Carson is the former seventh of the Oklahoma State Seahawks (No. 249 overall). During his four years in Seattle, he started in 44 games and totaled 3,270 yards on 715 carries (4.6 yards per touchdown) while scoring 21 touchdowns in a hurry.

He also completed 101 receptions for 775 yards and seven touchdowns with a catch rate of over 80%. Not bad for a seventh-round player who happens to be a former teammate of Steelers backup quarterback Mason Rudolph.

Few players consistently ran the ball harder than

One of the reasons Monson sees Carson joining the Steelers is his ability to create yards after contact, an attractive trait for a fullback who will run behind a line that has struggled to get behind a block.

Pittsburgh’s rushing attack was the worst in the league this season, notes the author. The Steelers feel like a team that wants to go higher when you can intelligently place most of the error on the offensive line and rush to the pass, ……

Yet few players have run the ball harder than Chris Carson since he came into the NFL. He averaged 3.3 yards per carry after contact and made 147 tackles for 744, allowing him to continue his NFL career, Monson said.

Carson, on the other hand, is now 27 years old and has earned $2,133,000 in 2020. If they want an increase, the Steelers may prefer to increase through the project. The Steelers selected a mid-season comeback in four consecutive seasons (James Conner, third round 2017), (Jaylen Samuels, fifth round 2018), (Benny Snell Jr., fourth round 2019) and Anthony McFarland Jr., fourth round 2020).

The last time Pittsburgh used a second-round pick for a runner was in 2013 when it selected Le’Veon Bell from Michigan State. The last time Pittsburgh used a first-round draft for a backstroke was in 2008, when the Steelers selected Rashard Mendenhall (Illinois, No. 23).

Monson suggests the Saints go after Mike Hilton.

If you like the idea of the Steelers suing Chris Carson in free agency, you won’t like the idea of Sam Monson suggesting the New Orleans Saints Steelers sue cornerback Mike Hilton.

The Saints probably have the best team in the entire NFL, so it’s not easy to find too many glaring weaknesses and obvious points that can be improved, the PFF analyst noted.

Mike Hilton is one of the Steelers’ top players, with a PFF score of at least 72.0 in all aspects of the game in any given season during his four years in the championship. He can cover, get out of the groove and protect the match. This would give the Saints a real lock specialist to complement the players they have at the outside positions.

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