How ‘Bout Them Dawgs! It’s been 10 days since the end of the season and I have truly struggled to write this column. I could not be more happy for and proud of our team. This is a special bunch led by a group of seniors that made me proud to wear the red and black.

From the start, I thought this group had a chance to be special. I predicted the SEC east back in August. But all this? Not in my wildest dreams did I see this wild ride coming. This was a special season. I hope you gave your heart to this team early like I did and enjoyed the emotional roller coaster this season was. Those young men played with a passion and energy that I truly loved. You could see the love and support they had for each other. They all won and lost as a group. Truly memories were made for a lifetime, both on the field and for us UGA fans.

Speaking of which, hearing the ‘UGA’ chat in South Bend, Nashville, Jax, the flats, the Benz, Pasadena, and the Benz again was spine-tingly. Also, making new friends in South Bend and Pasadena and seeing old friends in Nashville and Jax and then sharing the trips to the Benz with more friends and sharing my passion for UGA was very rewarding along the way.

Now back to the beginning, I have struggled with this column for one simple reason, I am left wanting. I have said all the right things since the end. Over-achieved against expectations. We all would have taken the season in August, etc. I have not believed it anytime I said it.

What I really wanted to say was, (To paraphrase Dr. King.) I have been to the Mountain Top and did not get to stay, and I am pissed off. GATA

– Marty Jones





Ouch! Really? You really let that Alabama guy 20 yards behind you in for the winning catch?  They had BAMA down with a hobnail boot on their throats, and then…Oh well. GA did get there, and I suppose there’s always next year.

The Jacket’s basketball team has been ballin’ lately. They’re 4-1 in the conference with nice wins against #25 Miami and Notre Dame. The schedule gets tougher now, especially with 8 freshmen on the young squad. #2 Virginia is coming to Atlanta on the 18th and that one should be a thriller.  We can’t get too high on the boys though as the lack of experience will probably sneak up on them. Coming up at #15 North Carolina, home vs. #20 Clemson, at FSU, home with Syracuse, then at BC and Louisville. Tough road but these Jackets are resilient! There’s a good chance at winning at least half of them. A winning record in the regular season and a good showing in the ACC tournament could get them into the dance. We’ll see how it pans out.

Lady Jackets? Not so good. They’re 12-7 overall but 1-5 in the conference. They did hold their own against #3 Louisville but couldn’t close the deal with a 3 point loss. Nuts! They still have a real shot at this, though. The schedule isn’t real favorable, but when they pick it up a couple of notches they could be in really good shape when conference tourney time comes.

– Kurt Heine