WOW! What a ride it has been. GO DAWGS! We ended the season the way we started.  Kickin’ some butt and taking names. We beat KY. We just destroyed GT and then handed some payback to AU.

12-1… SEC East Champions…. SEC Champions…  Kirby is SEC Coach of the Year. Roquan is SEC Defensive Player of the Year. The awards and accolades keep coming and are well deserved but the job is not done. There is not one of us that bleed’s Red and Black that does not recognize what a great and special season this has been. We also recognize what is left to accomplish.  

If you had told me we would be 12-1 and SEC Champs back in August, I would have high five’d you. If you told me we would leave the SEC East in ruins and 2 of our biggest rivals in tears, I would have kissed you. Still more work to do.  

This will be a test for our guys. OU can move. They play fast and throw it all over the place. If you sleep on the run game they will gash you there too. Glad we have almost a month to get ready. The game will be won up front. If our front guys can hurry Baker and if our OL can move the OU defense, that is how we win. Nothing new there. It is what we have done all year.

It will be a game of a lifetime, UGA vs OU in the ROSE BOWL. Color me there. The Bulldog Nation will own Pasadena, The Rose Bowl, and OU. How ‘Bout Them Dawgs!!!!    GATA

-Marty Jones


Well, I have a very large plate of crow sitting in front of me that I will have to eat tonight. I thought we had more than that, but the doggies had much more, and they showed it. They pushed us around all over the field and beat us down. Congrats to the DAWGS (yes I spelled it right for a change). They had a great season, and they’re headed to the playoffs. Good for them. I even told Marty I would be pulling for them in the Rose Bowl against OU. That hurt!

So, in Paul Johnson’s 10 years at GT, we’ve had 2 decent years; both of them: 11 and 3.  The rest of the time we’ve been less than mediocre. Yes, I cheered when he came here, because I thought he would make a difference but really? Why do we put up with so many bad seasons? Tired of the losing, and maybe it’s time to make a change. Does the faithful Jacket really want to put up with this?

So, on to basketball.

The big man, Lammers, is having a heck of a year already but, coach Pastner has a load of freshmen on his squad, so we can’t expect too much. Wait a minute. Wasn’t GA TECH expected to lose every ACC game last year? And he was coach of the year in the ACC. The boys look pretty good given their inexperience, and they could have a decent year. I’ve watched 3 games that I could get, and he’s got them playing well with teamwork. I think we might have to be patient, and let the kids get some experience before we get too excited, but MAN. They play well together. We’ll see what happens once the conference play gets going.

-Kurt Heine