Welcome Back to the Dawghouse.  This month we will be talking about our spring sports and what’s happening with many of them.  So on to the highlights.

Let’s lead with track & Field.  Why? Did you notice that the ladies won the NCAA Indoor Championship?   That is their 1st Title after a couple of top three’s in the last few years.  The Men’s team came in 3rd, which by itself is quite an achievement. But the Ladies finish overshadows them.  Congrats on being National Champs.

Our women’s golf team led by Jillian Hollis is off to a strong start and is currently ranked 8th. The Men’s team is also rounding into form as they are coming off of a strong 2nd place finish @ The Linger Longer Invitational.

In tennis, our women are ranked 8th while the men are 14th. Both programs are just starting conference play, and there will be many opportunities to see both of them play in Athens. So check out the schedule and make a day of it.  It’s Free.

Our equestrian team is ranked #1 and has the #1 seed for the conference championships.  After that, it is on to the NCAA’s.

The ladies Softball team is currently ranked 7th and are setting attendance records. They just had their 25 game win streak broken. The men’s baseball program is back in on its winning ways as the SEC schedule gets in full swing.

Oh yeah, Spring Football is happening.  G-Day is April the 21st. Let’s fill up the place.

It’s Great to Be a Georgia BullDawg!

-Marty Jones


Danny Hall got his 1000th victory on March 20 beating Auburn 6-4. Congrats to him! He’s been a stalwart of a coach at Georgia Tech for 25 years. Good for him. Now when are we going to the World Series again? Last time was 2006. 12 years ago! And now we’re bottom feeders again with a 3 and 5 record in the ACC. When do we start getting champions again? When are we going to stop accepting mediocrity?

I hate ripping on my beloved school, because I love the institution and the athletics, but come on. Enough is enough. We’ve been playing second fiddle to those guys in Athens for way too long. It’s time to step up and do something – like win more!

Danny has been the coach for a long time, and he’s sent terrific guys to the majors. Garcia-Parra and Teixeira are notables. But really? 13 and 10 overall and 3 and 5 in the ACC? That’s just not good enough for the Jacket nation. We want winners – not “almost good enough.”

The time has come for the administration to step up and say “ENOUGH!” We want winners. We want to go to the Final Four and win it. We want to compete for the Football National Championship. We want to win the Baseball World Series in Omaha. Enough!

They probably don’t read these articles and don’t care anything about my rantings. But the Jacket nation has had enough of losing, and we’re tired of not winning championships. Bobby Dodd is turning over in his grave.


-Kurt Heine