The streets and roadsides of Rockdale County are interesting places to observe the personality of litter. The county is beautiful with its trees, pastures, bodies of water and rock formations. The sad part is that the roadsides reflect a personality that can be seen in its litter. A close inspection of most litter will reveal that it primarily consists of tobacco butts, beer bottles, soda cans, fast food wrappers, paper cups, sacks and to a lesser degree other mixed trash. I know this because it shows up in my front yard. What are some of the things that are revealed in this litter?

While traveling out West, one of the first things I noticed in some cities was how clean the streets and towns appeared. My questions were, “Why can’t my town look like this? Who are the people that live here? Why do they care?” My conclusions are that they do care and they respect their neighbors.

What would it take for us as citizens of Rockdale County to make a difference?Republicans, Democrats, Independents and No Voters would probably agree that this is an initiative we could share. Here are some ways you can help:


  • Teach ownership at home and at school. This is my county. I want it clean and beautiful.
  • Practice stewardship in your neighborhood, sidewalks, and curbsides. Properly discard trash and be willing to pick up the litter of others.
  • Leave every location better than you found it. Stadiums, stores, churches, and schoolyards are a start.
  • Model it in front of our children and grandchildren. They often “see” better than they hear.
  • Care. If we stop caring, any cause can be lost.
  • Remind everyone. Littering is against the law.


We can make a change, and our county can benefit. The starting point begins with you and me.

Simply Said.