TLC’s Tiffany Franco Accused of Endangering Her Children

On Monday evening, the middle of the five children of TLC’s Tiffany and Omar Franco were found abandoned in a dumpster in the Creekwood Plaza shopping center, according to a report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

According to the police report, the mother of four found in a pool of blood at her home had been stabbed to death after she tried to stop her husband from beating her two children.  Her ex-husband, who was arrested after he fled the home, has been charged with murder, and could face the death penalty if convicted. Five-year-old twins and three-year-old Jordan were rushed to the hospital, but have since been released.


90 Day Fiance fans have posted several messages on the Reddit forum expressing concern for Tiffany Franco’s children.

90 Day Fiance fans have posted several messages on the Reddit forum expressing concern for Tiffany Franco’s children.

When the make-up artist visited her husband Ronald Smith in South Africa, it turned out that their children had not been properly secured in their seats during the trip. Franco’s baby, Carly Rose, was not in a car seat and his oldest son, Daniel, 10, did not appear to be wearing a seat belt.

Did anyone else notice that young Daniel in South Africa was riding in the back seat without a seatbelt? On his way to Santa’s store, he wrote a poster.

Is the child in the car seat not buckled up? asked another.

In 90 Day Fiance, Smith and Franco are currently arguing about finances and where to live. Although Smith wanted Franco and the two children to live with him in South Africa, Franco did not want to give up his life in the United States. Daniel would also like to stay in his own country. The problem for Smith is that he has a criminal record and is having trouble getting a visa to the United States.

Franco was accused of being a bad mother

Few people supported Franco in the comments to these articles.

Omg, I thought this was a post about a teenage mother, one person wrote. What is wrong with these people, and I include in this production those who should say something, so that this does not happen more than once.

Tiffany seems to be terrible at all aspects of parenting, adds another.

It was pointed out that in other countries it may not be common practice to buckle children into seats.

I’m not saying it’s right, but I noticed that a friend of mine who lives abroad has the same type of car seat for her baby. Maybe Tiffany bought a car seat in South Africa and it’s considered safe there? They said. Again, I’m not saying it’s right, I myself have taken my son’s car seat now that I’m in another country, but I think the safety standards are different. They are very different where I am and in Europe.

Franco and her husband can get a divorce

In the current season of 90 Days to Marry, Franco and Smith’s relationship is strained, but in real life it seems even worse. Judging by the Instagram posts the couple shared in early July 2021, it looks like they are heading for a divorce.

Franco accused Smith of swearing and shared screenshots of some of his correspondence. We’re not allowed to share our feelings on social media, but I don’t care. If you keep quiet, you let it pass quietly, she wrote, as reported by Screenrant.

In a message she says was written by her husband, Smith appears to have told Franco that he is literally sick at the thought of you and that you are worthless, not worth loving, worth nothing as a woman.

Smith posted his own messages about the situation. You’ll regret it, but it’s too late now, he wrote, according to the publication. All I want are my children. I’m done with you.

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