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If modern, bohemian decor is your thing, Urban Outfitters should be your first stop for home goods to create the space of your dreams.

While the site is worth spending a minute to browse the entire home section, which features everything from dream furniture to art, you won’t stop looking because you (obviously) don’t have enough time to go through the thousands of products. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you. Check out our list of the best Urban Outfitters home accessories (many of which we tried and found ourselves). You don’t want to miss this.

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Chloe Glass 7.4 Ounce Candle

At Underscored, we have a great passion for candles, and it’s one of our favorite things to try and love ourselves. Besides the fantastic scent, isn’t the holder of the candle beautiful?

Urban amenities

Gemma floating bedside table.

Don’t have much room, but still want some space on the bedside table? Opt for this floating nightstand, perfect for storing your event newspaper or your morning coffee.

Urban amenities

Fruit shower curtain

There’s something very cheerful about a room surrounded by fruit, isn’t there? Enhance your bathroom with this peach or papaya printed cotton shower curtain.

Urban amenities

Amplified Fleece Blanket.

This fleece blanket has received over 1,100 comments on Urban, most of them praising its incredible softness. Try it for yourself, in one of six colours, for a comfortable addition to your sofa or bed in the living room.

Urban amenities

Shelf for files.

Keep your precious vinyl records organized with this handy record holder. It even has two flat shelves for storing a record player or other items.

Urban amenities

Shape for a woman

Critics are obsessed with this woman-shaped vase, which is even cuter in real life than it looks online. Available in four dense shades, it can display your favorite flowers or just stand on your shelf.

Urban amenities

Palmer fan head

The iconic Palmera fan-shaped headboard is easily one of our favorite decor pieces at Urban Outfitters, and just about anywhere. This is the perfect piece to use as artwork (as one of our submitters did) or as a headboard. It can also be folded for easy storage.

Urban amenities

Macramé baskets

Whether storing blankets or children’s toys, this basket is ideal for everything. The basket is available in three sizes and has on the outside bows of woven macramé thread.

Urban amenities

Vera ceramic side table

We couldn’t have found a more perfect table if we tried. This editor-approved ceramic side table has a flat top and a carved accent, making it both a work of art and a functional piece.

Urban amenities

Light peach bath mat

We can’t wait to step out of the shower on this adorable bath mat that is literally shaped like a peach.

Urban amenities

Diane’s ring holder

The Diana ring holder gives a luxurious, vintage feel for only $20. You are sure to impress anyone who sees your elegantly presented rings.

Urban amenities

Pintuck Round Cushion

Don’t underestimate the power of a good pillow. This round pintuck version will look great on your sofa, accent chair or bed. Critics say they’re a little bigger than they look.

Urban amenities

Ansel table lamp

It’s small but powerful – the glass lamp, reviewed by the editors, gives off a warm light that reviews say is even bright. This would be a good choice if you’re looking for a chic lamp that doesn’t take up much countertop space.

Urban amenities

4 piece marble organiser drawer

Are your beauty products on your dressing table? Get this marble organizer tray that gets 5 stars for its fun look and its ability to store everything you need.

Urban amenities

Levi’s stairs

This storage ladder is a decorative detail we didn’t know about before we discovered it. It has four crossbars that are ideal for storing coats, bags and even jewelry.

Urban amenities

Zodiac Stacking Mug 14 ounces

Revisit your star sign with one of these stackable mugs. One reviewer said he would buy them all if he could.

Urban amenities

Quinton shag carpet

A nice rug can add a lot of spice to your space. Take this one, cream or pink, with geometric linear tufts without being too frantic.

Urban amenities

Boho’s favorite house

With basic plates in your closet and these fun boho plates. Whether you choose a zodiac, crescent moon or radiant sun, every time you pick it up, it feels like it was handmade.

Urban amenities

Rattan table lamp Ria

This editor-approved rattan lamp is one of our favorites from Urban Outfitters. The modern boho lamp is a simple yet expressive element that will accentuate any decor.

Urban amenities

Serena’s wall mirror

This wall mirror is the perfect addition to your entryway. Imagine using it to get one last look at yourself before you go out.

Urban amenities

Sabine, ceramic carafe with embroidery

It’s easy to see why this decanter has a 5-star rating: That’s great. The green and white ceramic carafe has a wide bowl and narrow neck for easy pouring and can even be used as a makeshift vase.

Urban amenities

Floria’s velvet armchair

This chair is truly what dreams are made of. It comes in four vibrant shades of velvet and is slightly more expensive, but it’s rare to find a piece that is both minimalist and maximalist.

Urban amenities

Sculpture Geo Moonlight

Whether you’re looking for a nightlight or a creative ambiance, this moonlight sculpture is a must. It even runs on batteries, so it can easily be placed anywhere in the house.

Urban amenities

Favorite Boho Drummer 10 Ounce

Daily games and tea at home can seem so boring these days. Buy one of these fun mugs, available in four colors, to brighten your day with every sip.

Urban amenities

Iris bamboo bead curtain

Enhance any room with this bamboo bead curtain in the shape of a beautiful iris flower. This piece can be used as a room divider, behind the bed or even above windows.

frequently asked questions

Where can I find home accessories like Urban Outfitters?

Shopping ‘ Furniture.

What can you buy at Urban Outfitters?

city gifts

Is urban sprawl too expensive?

Yes, Urban Outfitters charges too high prices and has proven that time and time again with their useless items, which they sell at prices that can break customers’ trust in them.

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