Vanessa Bryant Reveals Tragic ‘Extortion’ Lawsuit From Her Own Mother – She Wants Millions For ‘Occasionally’ Looking After Her Grandkids 'blackmail'-follow-your-own-mother.jpeg

Unfortunately, Vanessa Bryant’s tragic experiences only continued after Kobe Bryant died in a horrific helicopter crash earlier this year, killing him, his teenage daughter and seven others. Hot New Hip Hop reported today that Vanessa Bryant went to her GI to reveal a new lawsuit against her – from her mother.

According to the store, Vanessa was sued by her mother for, among other things, working without pay. Sophia Lane, Vanessa’s mother, sued her after she was evicted from the house that Kobe and Vanessa had bought for her. In addition, Sophia says that Vanessa’s car, which was also a gift, was taken.

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The trial was first unveiled in September and has been a big topic of conversation for Kobe fans ever since. Instead of saying nothing, Vanessa set out to officially challenge her mother’s claims by writing a statement in Spanish, as reported by David Valades of Unity.

According to the Hot New Hip Hop, Vanessa responded to her mother’s accusations with a long statement in Spanish in which she put forward various arguments in her defense. Vanessa begins her testimony by saying that her mother was trying to find a way to extort financial gain from her and the Bryant family.

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According to Bryant, Sophia Lane, his mother, has never acted as a personal assistant or babysitter, contrary to what she claims. Vanessa says she’s always been a housewife and a mother who took care of her and Coby’s children.

For about two decades, Vanessa claimed that she and Coby were paying her to live side by side because she wouldn’t have any money after her divorce. While Sophia occasionally took care of her daughters, as many grandparents do, Vanessa and Coby supported her at Vanessa’s request.

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According to the widow of the deceased NBA legend, she told her mother that she would support her for the rest of her life, but in the end, she sued her for $5 million. Vanessa says her mother’s been trying to charge her $96 an hour, 12 hours a day, for 18 years.

Vanessa says the reality is that she sometimes looks after her older daughters when they’re very young. In addition, Vanessa’s children became full-time students and athletes and in 2016 she had another child. In other words: Sophia didn’t have enough time to be a nanny.


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